In , Acumed introduced the Acu-Loc Targeted Volar Distal Radius Plate System for Acumed® Acu-Loc® Wrist Plating System Surgical Technique. The Anatomic Midshaft Forearm Plating System includes Midshaft Ulna Plates, Volar Midshaft Plates, and Dorsolateral Midshaft Radius Plates. The Acu-Loc 2 Wrist Plating System offers plate families and screw technologies to treat multiple fracture patterns of the distal radius and distal ulna regions.

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Registration is free and gives you unlimited access to all of the content and features of this website. Journal Abstract Purpose The purpose of this study is to evaluate the radiographic and clinical outcomes of the Frag-Loc compression screw with palmar plate fixation on distal radius fractures that include a displaced dorsoulnar fragment.

We do not diwtal your details available to any third parties nor do we send unsolicited rsdius to our members. Other optimized features include a lower profile, polished finish which may help minimize soft tissue irritation, and converging ulnar screws, additional suture holes, and added K-wire holes for provisional fixation. Built-in suture holes allow for sutures to be used with the plate to capture small articular fragments.

Acumed | Acu-Loc 2 Volar Distal Radius Plating System | Which Medical Device

The anatomic curvature of the left- and right-specific plates are intended to facilitate restoration of the bone’s natural geometry. Email Updates Yes, please send me updates by email. Screws sit flush with the plate, which may minimize postoperative soft tissue irritation and patient discomfort. Due to the sagittal bow of the radius, plating with contoured plates in the sagittal plane improves rotation when compared with straight plates.

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Results A significant reduction in rotation was found when a proximal radius fracture was plated with a straight plate compared with a contoured plate: Clinical outcomes were evaluated based on the patient-rated wrist evaluation PRWE score; the disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand score; wrist active range of motion; and grip strength.

Innovative instrumentation, ardius a customized plate clamp, angled drill guide, and soft tissue spreader are intended to simplify plate installation. Have you used this device? Supination and pronation were compared when plating with a straight plate and a contoured plate. When used as templates, precontoured plates are intended to help restore forearm geometry and assist in reestablishing pronation and supination.

Plate Design Features Tapered plate ends may reduce stress on bone and risk of secondary or subsequent fracture ditsal to the plate.

Acu-Loc 2 Volar Distal Radius Surgical Technique | Acumed

Please sign in to view this content Registration is quick and free. This result suggests that the Frag-Loc compression screw is an effective and simple treatment option to immobilize a dorsoulnar fragment associated with distal radius fracture. Diatal radiopaque markers in the PEEK targeting guides assist with plate placement.

Your opinion matters to others – rate this device or add a comment. You can read our Privacy Policy here. However, hardware-related extensor tendon irritation, weak fixation power of the dorsal screw, and technical difficulties are major limitations of dorsal plate fixation [8—10]. Acumed offers two plate types for the radius, including volar and dorsolateral approach options. The Acumed Acu-Loc 2 Plating System is a next-generation solution in plating fixation that focuses on complete implant options and a streamlined surgical process.


Precontoured plates may act as templates to restore forearm geometry, decrease surgery time in comparison to non-precontoured plates, and re-establish pronation and supination. We ask that our members register with us so that we can maintain the unbiased and independent nature of our content. Creative Instrumentation Innovative instrumentation includes a swiveling plate clamp, an angled drill guide, and a soft tissue spreader to aid in plate implantation.

Dorsal Distal Radius Plate. Anatomic Contouring Contoured plates may act dsital templates to restore forearm geometry, decrease surgery time, and re-establish pronation and supination. Acumed has been distaal solutions for the hand and wrist for more than 25 years, from the Acutrak screw to Acu-Loc wrist fixation plates. Variable Angle Locking Screws. The Frag-Loc Compression Screw is a two-part cannulated compression screw for dorsal comminution that gives surgeons the option for steadfast dorsal compression through dostal small dorsal incision.

Dorsal Distal Radius Plate | Acumed

However, there were statistically significant differences in post-surgical gap distance. Additional ulna plating is not a source of reduced forearm rotation. The Divergent Radial Styloid Plate buttresses the radial column.

Standard VDR Plate Optimized design to closely replicate the anatomical contours of the distal radius and assist in restoring its natural geometry.

Customizable plate length and width options allow for sizing of varying patient anatomies. Conclusion This study has shown a significant sagittal bow of the proximal shaft of the radius. Rupasinghe S, Poon P.

The Acumed Anatomic Midshaft Forearm Plating System offers marked hardware improvements over traditional straight plates. The plates are anatomically contoured and may help restore the bone’s natural anatomy from the distal ulnar side to the radial styloid.