Alexander Dolgun’s Story has ratings and 35 reviews. Matt said: I read this book long ago yet just ran into it again and thought to list it here. The. Alexander Dolgun was a U.S. citizen working as a junior employee of the American Embassy in Moscow when he was arrested in and charged with being. In he wrote a book, ”Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag,” detailing his arrest by Stalin’s security police in and.

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Alexander Dolgun

It makes you very grateful to live in this wonderful country. His mother died inand his father in Mar 05, Douglas White rated it it was amazing. Dolgun was initially incarcerated at Lefortovo and Lubyanka prisons in Moscow until he was sent to Steplag in Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.

I found it interesting but I don’t think it should be in a Christian school library – bad language, sex, etc. Intriguing story of survival, courage, and determination to survive. For several months, Dolgun endured this torture without succumbing until Stalin’s death and Ryumin’s arrest resulted in a loss of interest in the show trial and Dolgun was shipped back to Dzhezkazgan, where he was interned until I found this book in my high school library.

This book takes a direct look at what it was really like to be taken in by the police for doing nothing and how terrible life w A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich, but in real life. Feb 13, Michael rated it it was amazing. I was quite intrigued by the book, and while not shocked about what was happening to him, shocked that this was happening to an American citizen.


When I looked up he had my jacket spread on the table and was ripping the seams with a knife…He felt inside the lining and the lapels.

Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag by Alexander Dolgun

I read this book whenever I feel my life is tough. Dolgun, an American citizen, was arrested as a spy and sent to the Lubayanka and from there to the gulags.

Alexander’s will to live was inspiring. Other anecdotes are more disheartening, like the Catch he found himself in where finding a place to live after he was released alfxander concerned. One of the great harrowing memoirs to come from the charnel-house of a totalitarian regime. This is another book that I read years ago and am reading again. My first impression was of bedlam. My hands were always cold. He was released from the Gulag in but was not allowed to leave the country until and only then because of the continual efforts of his sister, an official at the United Nations.

Want to Read Folgun Reading Read. I found this book fascinating and educational. I can’t really remember the cover of the aleaxnder that I actually did read. Feb 02, Thom Sutton rated it it was ok. At any rate, some details of that book I’ve never forgotten; especially those details alexandrr I recall reading this book enroute to Ramstein AFB.

Dolgun was once again sent to Sukhanovka, where Ryumin personally tortured and beat him in an effort to get him to confess to a number of plots and conspiracies against the Soviet Union. I recall reading this book enroute to Ramstein AFB. The book is well written and It was difficult at times to keep in mind that this fine book was non-fiction.


It’s not a depressing book and some might hesitate to read it thinking it will be too alexande or maybe a “dry” historical read. American defectors to the Soviet Union.

Absolutely the greatest One of the greatest stories of personnal triumph I have ever read. He was falsely accused of espionage against the Soviet Union and endured a year of sleep and food deprivation, as well as brutal psychological and physical torture designed to prod him into “confessing” to his interrogator, Colonel Sidorov.

alexander dolgun Archives * Mikael Strandberg

Dolgun’s health was severely harmed by his experience and he suffered from numerous ailments. His recall was initiated by the infamous Colonel Mikhail RyuminNo.

I absolutely loved this book. Two layers of bunks, which were nothing more than hard plank platforms, ran down each of the long sides and across the end.

While Dolgun’s story is rife with horrib Dolgun comes across as an archetypal American tough-guy, sly and crafty like a noir hero.

One of the best books I have ever read.

Such a g I absolutely loved this book. Trivia About Alexander Dolgun’ What follows dolyun almost unbelievable horrors of torture and eventually exile to the pr Picked this book up because it was mentioned in a newsletter I get.

He ended up at DzhezkazganKazakhstanwhere he labored for several months until being called back to Moscow. Dolgun married Irene in and they had a dilgun, Andrew, in Later I counted and found that we were people in a cell sixteen feet wide and about forty feet long.

Jan 30, Bird rated it really liked it. Feb 07, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Alexander Dolgun 29 September — 28 August was a survivor of the Soviet Gulag who wrote about his experiences in after being dolgjn to leave the Soviet Union and return to his native United States.


Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag

Dolgun did not serve at Kengirbut at a camp nearby. Jan 22, Gwynneth rated it it was amazing. I recall purchasing it at the terminal.

It was amazing how this American stayed alive with all he was given. A real-life tragedy, mixed with courage and spirit. Everyone should read this book, everyone needs to read this book. It’s a lot harder to accept bad things that are actually perpetrated by one human being on another, and when it’s institutionalized evil, your sense of injustice of so profound it could cost you your sanity.