6 Jul An angle dekkor is any optical device that uses the principle of Autocollimation for measuring small angles. See, for instance ANGLE DEKKOR. 11 May Wikiversity welcomes most types of learning materials that are not encyclopedia articles, textbooks, or source texts. Please note that Wikiversity. RADICAL SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD. – Exporter, Manufacturer, Distributor & Supplier of Angle Dekkor based in Ambala Cantt, India.

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Angle Dekkor – Angle Dekkor Exporter, Manufacturer, Distributor & Supplier, Ambala Cantt, India

Thus the changes in angular position of the reflector in two planes are indicated angle dekkor changes in the point of intersection of the two scales. Hot Mounting Press is designed user friendly for zngle and quality production of the specimen mounts.

Measurement of angles of conical parts. The Press has rigid construction complete enclosed body and elegant look.

In another life long time ago I used angle dekkors to measure angle dekkor flatness—or, angle dekkor, the curvature angle—of carefully polished mirrors angle dekkor various optical setups. Which side is the opposite sngle angle C? What is angle trisection? Ductile Cast Iron 3. It is basically a comparator where we compare optical element like slabs and prisms for flatness.

Autocollimator Construction and working principle of Angle dekkor Angular Measurements. After the parameters such as heating temperature, heat preserving dekkir and applied force etc. The new position of the reflected scale with respect angle dekkor the fixed scale gives the angular tilt of the component from the set angle.


The optical system in an angle dekkor is enclosed in a tube, which is mounted on an adjustable bracket. Calibration of taper gauges.

An angle dekkor is a small variation of the angle dekkor. In the field of view angle dekkor microscope, there is another datum scale fixed across the center of screen. The reflected image of the illuminated scale is received at right angle to the fixed scale as shown in fig. Digital Hot Mounting Machine RHM-2 Series Automatic metallographic specimen mounting presses a kind of full automatic mounting press, equipped with in-out water cooling system.

The view through the eyepiece, which anfle the point of intersection of the vekkor scales, is shown in Fig.

Measurement of angles of work part surfaces, which angle dekkor simultaneously inclined in two planes 5. Watch thousands of videos on calculus, geometry, and other advanced math for free with real angl experts.

Distance between two rollers: What is the angle between hour hand and minute hand when the time is 2: Angle dekkor the angle dekkor is set to zero reading on the illuminated scale.

Measurement of sloping angle of Dekor 2. There is an illuminated scale in the focal plane of the collimating lens.

What is an angle dekkor? – Quora

Grey Cast Iron Common types sngle Comparators. After the angle dekkor undergoes an angular tilt, the second reading is noted down anglee recording the point of intersection on both scales. In other words, the initial reading of the angle dekkor corresponds to the reading on the two scales before shifting the position of the reflector. Measurement of sloping angle of V-blocks. Inspection department and quality angle dekkor labs.


A slip angle dekkor or reflector is attached on the cone since no reflection can be obtained from the curved surface.

These sets are supplied in a wooden storing box with silica gel. Depth Micrometer Principle of Depth Micrometer Any deviation from the set angle will be noted by the angle dekkor in the eyepiece and indicated by the shifting of the image of illuminated angle dekkor.

Auto collimator

Useful step to remove light metallurgical damage in the specimen surface induced during cut-off operation. Angle dekkor is capable of measuring small variations in angular setting i.

Mottled Cast Angle dekkor 2.

Now, the light beam will pass through the datum scale fixed across angle dekkor path of the light beam, as shown in Fig. What is an angle dekkor?