1 Jan Buy API 14FZ: RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FOR DESIGN, INSTALLATION, AND MAINTENANCE OF ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR. 7 фев API RP 14FZ Recommended Practice for Design and Installation of Electrical Systems for Fixed and Floating Offshore Petroleum. Note: The protection techniques listed in API RP 14F and 14FZ are listed below for Divisions and Zones. Class/Division system. Intrinsically Safe Systems.

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Associated Apparatus Is apparatus that not all the circuits are intrinsically safe. As tested by the NFPA This recommended practice is intended to assist in development of a management program designed to promote safety and environmental protection during the performance of offshore oil and gas and sulphur operations.

Grounding of electrical equipment on fixed and floating offshore petroleum facilities in a positive manner is of particular importance because personnel standing on steel decks or in contact with steel framing present a low impedance path to ground, effectively 1fz For sizing equipment grounding conductors, refer to NEC Table.

This may result in more cost effective installations or equipment that 14fa more easily maintained. They should always be installed in the unclassified area or be provided with an alternative means of protectionpurged or mounted inside and explosion proof box. The motor design and construction should be suitable for both the load application and environmental conditions.

These rpp may include reduced initial capital expenditures, enhanced safety, or facilities that are more easily and more economically maintained. S system are Safety and Convenience. The guidelines presented herein should provide a high level of electrical safety when used in conjunction with well-defined area classifications.


Strict rules must be followed, system calculated to ensure energy levels are within tolerances and diagrams must be followed closely as wells as the current RP, Codes and Standards. The correct type of threads shall be installed or listed or labeled threaded adaptors suitable for the location.

The intrinsically safe associated apparatus providing this energy limitation has a further identification marking on the equipment that indicates the type of intrinsic safety. This encapsulation will prevent the flammable or combustible material from migrating into the enclosure in a large enough volume to form an ignitable atmosphere at the point of excessive temperature or electrical arc within the equipment.

This document provides guidelines and recommended practice for the satisfactory design of offshore structures against fire and blast loading. Seals via O rings, Epoxy, molded elastomer and potting are NOT considered hermetically sealed unless the certification from a testing laboratory states otherwise. Only suitable for Division 2 and unclassified locations. Metal-clad cable for hazardous locations as defined in UL MI cable: Thus, the protection techniques for equipment to be installed in 14rz 1 locations can be less demanding than the protection techniques for equipment to be installed in Division 1 locations.

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Electrical equipment suitable for Zone 1 locations is not required to be suitable for locations where flammable gases and vapors may be 14vz continuously or for long periods of time, i. The classified areas are different and some protection concepts also differ. Sealing accomplished by fusion of metal to metal or sealed through glass to metal.


Therefore, temperature rating and group must be the same or higher protection! With nonincendive equipment make-and-break contact need not be explosion proofoil immersed or hermetically sealed. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. For the presence flamamble gasses or vapors Zone 0- Continuously or present for long periods of time. Why is it NOT acceptable? Nonincendive equipment is normally limited to communication and instrumentation systems.

Resistant to normal aging. Cable with a nonmetallic protective covering. Les mer om abonnement. This RP emphasizes safe practices for hazardous classified locations on offshore petroleum facilities but does not include guidelines apk classification of areas; for guidance on the classification of areas refer to API Zone 1 Equipment must be certified as meeting the requirements of the area this could be a number of different protection concepts not just Flame-Proof.

Regulators such as U. Xpi 2 Equipment must be certified as meeting the requirements of the area this could be a number of different protection concepts.

Same as shipboard cable, marine.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Its only intrinsically safe when employed in a properly designed intrinsically safe circuit. Fewer field-installed sealing fittings reduce the chance for installation errors, enhancing safety.

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Equipment that is listed for a Zone 1 location is ro in a Zone 1 or Zone 2 location of the same gas or vapor. Must provide adequately maintained breathers and drains to prevent accumulation of moisture This table refers to the maximum skin temperature of the equipment.


This Recommended Practice is intended to serve as a guide to crane owners and operators in developing operating and maintenance practices and procedures for use in the safe operation of pedestal-mounted revolving cranes on fixed or oating offshore platforms, jacku This is 14fx to hermetically sealed however it also includes other enclosures where the rate of leaking of a flammable into the enclosure is restricted.

This document is intended to bring together in one place a brief description of basic desirable electrical practices for offshore electrical systems. These can be located on the Area classification diagram and Nameplates of classified equipment. If Associate Apparatus is placed in the classified area then it must have another method of protection.

Extension Cords; For temporary use only. Where as 14F refers to the Class 1, Division 1, Division 2 as previously mentioned. Zone 1- Likely or may exist frequently. Should be also used with Hot Work Permit.