AquaLogic Service Bus architecture is centered around an Enterprise Service Bus. The bus provides message delivery services, based on standards including . BEA Systems, Inc. was a company specialized in enterprise infrastructure software products . BEA AquaLogic Service Bus, an enterprise service bus ( ESB) with operational service-management that allows the interaction between services. BEA Systems AquaLogic Service Bus Despite limited built-in support for integration with external data sources, excellent Web services.

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Configure a service account to pass through user ID and password credentials or aqualogif the user to a new user ID and password supplied to a business service Client-specified custom authentication credentials for both transport- and message-level inbound requests. WS-Security processing as well as authorization is transparently performed at the Start node, when invoking a business service with a WS-policy.

The message indicates whether the Web service was run successfully. If the leaf is an echo node, the request is also considered to be the response. The build script is used to build each of the services. The following conventions are used throughout this document:. Swrvice service callout action is used inside a message flow routing stage, to call on the destination service to perform some action on the message.

Oracle Linux Oracle Solaris. TuxedoWebLogicAquaLogic. The pipelines consist of a sequence of stages that specify actions to perform during request bud response processing.

It includes following products:. For example, if WebLogic Server is running on your local machine using the default port configuration, enter the following URL in your browser:.

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Any use of this information is at the user’s risk. Versions can include changes to the WSDL, the message schema, the headers, and the security parameters. The following four elements are used to construct a message flow:. AquaLogic Service Bus is also used to manage your Buz services.

AquaLogic Service Bus enables you to route messages based on their contents and to perform transformations on that content. Asualogic route node used to define the message destination.

BEA Systems

There are no restrictions on what can be exported. Working through the tutorial you will: Transforming a Loan Application describes how a proxy service is configured with a routing node, transformations, and a Web service callout WS-Callout to allow content based routing and message enrichment through AquaLogic Service Bus. The outbound transport layer is responsible for the communication between business services or service producers and AquaLogic Service Bus.

You can explore the other directories as an exercise. To support heterogeneous environments, AquaLogic Service Bus accommodates multiple messaging paradigms. It provides operational functions and settings that allow users to easily search for resources using the new SMart Search functionality, monitor SLA alerts, pipeline alerts, logs, reports, turn tracing on and off, and to enable and disable services.

Routing a Loan Application is based on scenarios that demonstrate how AquaLogic Service Bus facilitates the routing of messages within an enterprise.

Identify three unused drive letters for example, X, Y, and Z and add the following code to the beginning of the file: The instruction looks like: Charts may not be displayed properly especially if there are only a few data points.


All routing logic pertaining to communications with a service end point is handled via the configured proxies. It supports the global change of environment-specific attributes for resources, using the import functionality along with the find and replace feature.

The following steps describe how to build and run each of the business services. It is targeted for service-oriented integration, managing Web Services, and providing traditional message brokering across heterogeneous IT environments. The files including pre-built business services that support the building of the tutorial solutions are located in the following directory:. The loan applications are routed to different business services depending on certain qualifying criteria, such as the requested interest rate and the requested principal amount.

EJB transport is built on high performance cache and allows the reuse of established connections and minimizes EJB stubs lookups.

BEA AquaLogic Service Bus&#8482

InBEA launched a new product family called AquaLogic for service-oriented architecture deployment. Using the features of existing source code control system in conjunction with the configuration JAR files, provides version and change management for AquaLogic Service Bus configurations. Archived from the original on 21 March AquaLogic Service Bus built-in test console is a browser-based test environment used to validate resources and inline XQuery expressions used in the message flow.

Change to the normal directory: With AquaLogic Service Bus message brokering, service clients exchange messages with an intermediary proxy service rather than working directly with a business service.

A cluster consists of a set of clustered managed servers that perform message processing.

Aqualogic Service Bus – How is Aqualogic Service Bus abbreviated?

Proxy services are definitions of intermediary Web services that the Service Bus implements locally. There is one administration server in every clustered domain.

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This tutorial highlights specific features available in AquaLogic Service Bus. The instructions in the tutorial documentation are for Windows command shells.

This logic includes such activities as transformation, publishing, and reporting, which are implemented as individual actions within the stages of a pipeline. This provides a centralized way for administrators to manage remote EJB qaualogic configurations. SLA rules are run against aggregated data and the system raises alerts, following which services can be enabled or disabled.

The inbound transport layer is the communication layer between client qqualogic or service consumers and AquaLogic Service Bus.

The implementation of a proxy service is specified by a message flow definition. While developing the tutorial you will modify some of the files contained in this folder, such as examples.

It grew to have 78 offices worldwide at the time of its acquisition by Oracle. Define a transformation on an XML message, based on XQuery, supporting a call out to a Web aqalogic to gather additional data for the transformation.