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AR FLAGS, GUIDONS, STREAMERS, TABARDS, AND AUTOMOBILE AND AIRCRAFT PLATESCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently. Army Regulation –10 Heraldic Activities Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates Headquarters Department. Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR Description and Use of Flags, Guidons, Tabards, and Automobile Plates.

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The fringe is yellow; cord and tassels are medium blue and white see fig 3—9. The garrison flag may 840-100 flown on the following holidays and special occasions: Military organizational flags of the Services in order of precedence.

Vietnam Campaign, page Figure 9— Dental at, page 63Figure 5— There is no law that permits the sale, loan, or donationof flags, guidons, or streamers to individuals or organizations not in the military service except as indicated in paragraphs1—7e 1 and 2. Military Chapel flag Muslimpage Figure 7—7: Battalion of school brigades, page Figure 6— The upper and lower sections are ultramarine blue, and the endsections dark blue.

It will be the same size or larger than other flags displayed or carried at the same time. The flag of the United States, when flown at a military post or when carried by troops, will not be dipped by way ofsalute or compliment AR — Sizes and occasions for display a. Navy Unit Commendation, page Figure 9—9: Letters and numerals will read from left to right on both sides of the flags and guidons.


Army training centers, page Figure 6— Military police prisoner of war camp, page 59Figure 5— The following 4th of July. Valorous Unit Award, page Figure 9—7: Maneuver area training command, page 57Figure 5— Branch colors for flags, page 51Table 5—3: The flag should be tagged with theorganization’s official designation to insure positive identification.

When the flag of the United States is displayed with foreign national flags, all flags willbe comparable in qr.

Reverse of guidon, page 85Figure 6—2: It is first raised all the way to the top of the staff for an instant, then lowered to half staff. Box, Philadelphia, PA 840-100 How is the flag draped over the casket?

AR 840-10 Description and Use of Flags, Guidons, Tabards, and Automobile Plates

The shot heard round the world fired April 17th at Lexington Massachusetts On post, where is building number 1 located? Enter the code below and hit Verify. Those designed primarily for outdoor display will be made of nylon-wool at heavyweight nylon withoutfringe. Army centers, page 65Table 5—7: The insignia of the General Staff, a five-pointed white star, surmounted by the U.

Office of the Chief, Army Reserve, page 25Figure 3— The union jack is flown on ships aar anchor or tied up at pier. Scientific and professional, page 32Figure 3— Combat Infantry additional awardspage Figure 9— War Service Streamer, page Figure 9— Paperback Language of Text: Army Reserve Army garrison support units, page 75Figure 5— Official designations of Army organizations are determined by the U. The storm flag is flown in inclement weather.

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World War I, page Figure 9— Department of the Army policy for unit and may delegate this approval authority, inindividual authorized flags, guidons and writing, to a division 840-1 within the 8840-10 Suggested improvements.

PurposeThis regulation prescribes the design, acquisition, display, disposition, and use of flags, guidons, streamers, automobileand aircraft plates, and tabards by Department of the Army DA organizations and personnel. Positional colors are authorized in two sizes for indoor display and ceremonies as annotated in table3—1.

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ACOM, ASCC, and DRU commanders may authorize permanent or semi-permanent more than 1 week at a time hour display of the flag provided the flag is properly illuminated with its own source of light during hours of darkness. It must be illuminated. Bunting of the national colors,arranged with the blue above, white in the middle, and red below, should be used for this purpose and for general decora-tion.

Office of the Chief of ChaplainsThis flag has a white base, 3-foot hoist by 4-foot fly, with a medium blue disc within a yellow border with the lower portionof a yellow sun radiating four yellow rays, surmounted by a white dove in flight viewed head-on, its wings stretched acrossthe four rays, holding in its beak a green olive branch.

General of the ArmyThis flag is scarlet, 4-foot 4-inch hoist by 5-foot 6-inch fly, with a circular pattern of five white, five-pointed stars.