The Armadillo is a sidemount specific rig, with integral buoyancy compensator and limited adjustment harness. Armadillo CCR Side mount System. Armadillo CCR side mount kit provides attachment points for carrying ultimately streamlined bailout bottles. The basic setup. Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has scuba sets mounted alongside .. In Brett Hemphill designed the Armadillo Side- Mount Harness. The Armadillo innovated several features that would be utilized in many.

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On open circuit today my NDL was 1 minute near the end of the wall, and this was a lower tide day so max depth was almost 10fsw shallower than other dives I’ve done.

Manual for the Razor Harness 2″. The reduced physical exertion when conducting regulator shut-down procedures is a major benefit to divers who suffer from shoulder or back discomfort or reduced mobility. Keep the adjustments lose enough for your type of exposure suit wet suit or dry suit. Cold-water rigs are also more likely to offer integrated buoyancy redundancy. Diving manufacturer Poseidon have joined the sidemount market with the release of their new BCD.

The Manta sidemount is a hogarthian-inspired, minimalist, sidemount system available in a number of options. It is designed to appeal to sidemount divers of all levels. The Scubapro X-Tek sidemount is a modular system, available with two bladder sizes and an optional top-cover for increased durability in overhead environments. Ever wondered what it’s like to dive to meters, to be waiting alone in the dark, your only way back to safety a thin nylon line snaking away from you, up and up and up into the darkness and down and down and down into the blackness.


I can avoid deco if I come up from 90fsw to 75fsw on the return leg. If it is rubbing your neck, lower the shoulder harness one inch 2. Carrying more than two tanks tends to mess up the whole streamlining effect, so the benefits are much less when you must carry more than two tanks. Subscribe posts via RDF. The sidemount diver has to swap regulators at planned intervals to ensure that the use of gas is balanced from both cylinders – thus ensuring good balance and trim in the water, whilst preserving a sufficient supply of air for emergency sharing.

Download the Owners Manual. The lumbar plates has integral equipment attachment points. Keeping reduncancy in mind, each tank should be fitted with a low pressure inflator rather than putting two on one tank. The cord is pulled tight and a knot is tied into the bungee securing the clip close to the cam strap. I’ve asked some gear makers whose opinion I value and they agree that plugging QC connectors underwater in salt water is going to be hard on gear.

The Nomad is built on the foundation of the very successful Dive Rite Transpac harness. Sadly, it was a private project for the company and is not commercially available. The XDeep Stealth TEC wing is designed for hard-core cave and trimix divers and is also integrated onto the existing Stealth harness system. With CC I carry much less weight on the harness 10lbs vs 28and getting in and out of the water is a breeze – even with sidemount bailout unclip, stand and walk out.


The Armadillo comes with two large bungees that are attached to the inside back of the harness.

Keep the strap loose. The distance from the top of the cylinder valve the cam strap is placed varies depending on your chest length.

Armadillo Sidemount Exploration Harness S – Short

Performance Development for Technical Divers. Two metal handles are bolted to the butt pad to provide a sturdy attachment location for the cylinder clips. See the diagram below for a suggested regulator configuration. This includes tank band placement siremount most of the regulator setup.

Tecline Avenger Manual Manufacturers Link: This kit provides bungees and a tail piece that attaches to the rebreather backplate, allowing you to sidemount your rebreather bailout tanks.

That’s 28lbs, but you must count the stainless backplate as well 6lbs for a total of 34lbs. Cylinder neck clips should be added if the cylinders are transported attached to the harness out of the water.

The simplicity of the shoulder harness, waist belt and crotch strap keep the system very clean and streamlined while eliminating needless straps, buckles and Armadillo.

Appropriate length and thickness bungees are critical to ensure that the sidemount cylinders remain in trim horizontally along the diver’s side torso with the valves under the armpits.

Dituri Dive Xtras Inc. Archived from the original on 15 September These are typically variants of existing dedicated sidemount rigs, with the low pressure inflator LPI mounted at the top of the BCD rather than at the bottom corner for an ‘over the shoulder’ configuration more familiar to diver’s transitioning to sidemount from a traditional BCD.


The Halcyon sidemount offers 50lbs of buoyancy through a pre-shaped wing that keeps buoyancy lower in the rig where it is ideal for sidemount. A T-bar is used to capture a heavy line looped through the brass clip with a knot tied in the opposite end.

Side Mount Rigs | Cave Diving Down Under

The basic sidemount configuration requires different techniques for sharing gas, compared to the isolation manifolded twins back mount configuration. Dive Rite focused on the newly released ‘Transpac’ harness. Subscribe posts via Atom. International Association of Nitrox Divers. The two most common side mount rigs used by Australian cave divers are the Dive Rite Nomad and the Armadillo.

Most often seen in Mexican cave systems. Sticking with our OW teaching practice, Armadilpo used only suit inflation to manage buoyancy and it was more than sufficient. The first stage regulators should be tilted slightly towards your front.

Sidemount diving – Wikipedia

Equipment Configuration – Side Mount”. This allows for the harness to also be used on thinner exposure suits. The only downfall of the Armadillo harness is that they are all handmade and only available through Brett Hemphill or Advanced Diver Magazine.