Complete walkthrough with solutions to the Assorted Nasties mission in The Secret World / TSW. Title, Assorted Nasties. Author, David Harber. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Desert Publications, ISBN, , Length, pages. Buy a cheap copy of Assorted Nasties book by Warren Smith. Book by Harber, David Free shipping over $

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The hollow is bored out to receive one half of a gelatin capsule which contains the toxin.

It produces the same effects as ipiates but at a much lower dosage. Make sure that they do not touch each other.

Seal tightly and wax dip the tops. Wash filtrate with some of the sodium sulfate solution.

Assorted Nasties : David Harber :

Grind to powder in blender. Do not inhale vapors, especially from HCN. Aim lower for longer ranges. One end is bored to fit the powder charge, which assortef contained in a sawed-off. The grinding steps are the Achilles heel of this operation. Larger doses will work more quickly, but caution should be used as large doses nssties cause forceful vomiting. Angus Vladimir black rated it really liked it Nov 08, Neither the author nor he publisher assumes any responsibility tor the use or misuse of the i nf ormation contained in this hook.

Severely damages the lungs, kidneys, liver and contral nervous system.

Assorted Nasties

Diana marked it as to-read Aug 13, Leave a little airspace in the tube for possible expan- sion of the liquid. These seem to fly straighter than those with diagonally cut tips, and it doesn’t seem to hurt penetration. This will give a good simulation of penetrating clothing and flesh NOTE – The amount of recoil generated by this weapon will depend upon the weightof the bullet and it’s velocity. Its value lies in the fact that it is an exceptionally fine intradermal penetration and carrier agent; it soaks through the intact skin in minutes, taking whatever it nastiies mixed with into the bloodstream and leaving no external marks.


With the 6- volt battery, the filament will light up instantaneously. Stir with a metal spatula while this occurs to adsorted a good grade of powdered ferrocyanide. After a short time it will sepa- nasyies into two portions – solid and liquid.

With practice, assrted accuracy can be obtained, i can shoot about 6″ groups at 30 feet. Assoryed – On impact the ball will slam back into its seat, forcing the four quarters of the nose jacket to open assofted spreading the payload throughout the wound.

Add just enough acetone to cover them and grind for one minute. They do not distinguish the difference be- tween your skin or the target’s. Production 1 Heat a crucible to full red heat by placing it on a stand and mounting a propane torch underneath.

Tap the barrel lightly to make sure that the powder flows into contact with the filament. Pour about one grain of pistol powder to cover the primer charge. It is soluble in water and alcohol. The volume is more impor- tant than the range of the squirt, since they are usually employed at point blank range, directly into the masties of the victim.

Hook up an aspirator to provide vacuum and distill gently until the flask has only one quarter of the original volume left. Ream out the pen tip to fit the wick. George rated it liked it Nov 18, Seal these cuts with lacquer. Be careful not to contaminate the media with any other organisms.

For example, the hasties of one accustomed to hard physical labor would be more resistant than those of one who pushes paper at a desk all day. Stock hypos may be carried in the pocket disguised as pens. Any significant increase in weightcould cause excessive chamber pressure to develop.


The Lewisite gas used in WW1 was a form of arsine. FORM – liquid, variable color and consistency See details. Dedication To the memory of my friend John A. The weapon may be concealed up the sleeve and fired by squeezing the lever with your thumb. If it was used, this demon- strates a very respectable power level. This alkaloid is percutaneous – it can be ab- sorbed through nastise skin.

The tip of the pen is sawed off and the valve stem carefully removed. The H will re-cry stallize into large crystals. Just a light film is all thatis necessary to reduce friction and increase velocity.

Dry and grind carefully.

For example, a standard sized automobile has an interior volume of about assortwd cubic meters. The Indians would impale the frog: It is so fast icting that there are cases of addicts who didn’t have time to remove the needle fiom their arms before dying, [n one case, the victim was discovered by the police standing next to his truck, leaning in the door. They should be of the same diameter as the interior of the projector body.

A Ice tuberculin syringe is the easiest to modify, as it is thin enough to fit most common pen caps over the end of its plunger. Special attention must always be paid to safety.