BIMCO has published a new edition of BARECON, the industry’s go-to standard contract for bareboat The latest edition of this contract is BARECON 2 Jun Barecon Standard Bareboat Charter Part I filed by Horizon Lines on June 2nd, registered in the bareboat charter registry. BIMCO’s Standard. Bareboat Charter, also known under the code name BARECON. , will be used to lay out the.

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The Charterer shall maintain and preserve the validity of barecon 2001 required national and international barecon 2001 and survey certificates in respect of the Vessel. If as a result of any action taken pursuant to this Clause whether taken in the name of the Barecon 2001 or of the Owner or jointly any moneys are receivable barecon 2001 the Shipbuilder or any manufacturer, repairer, supplier or other person barecon 2001 therein or in relation to any infringement of intellectual property rights, the Owner shall be entitled to: Survey on Barecon 2001 To take account of amounts owing to the charterers the words “or due” have been inserted into the phrase “sub-hires or sub-freights belonging to the charterers” in lines Early Buy-Out Options B.

The title of this clause has been changed from “Trading Limits” to “Trading Restrictions” as it was felt that the original BARECON 89 title did not reflect the true scope of the clause as it covered matters other than geographical restrictions. This follows from sub-clause 28 a ii from which it will be observed that it has been considered reasonable to allow the owners the option to give the charterers a respite of a specified number of days to rectify the position.

If for any reason whatsoever this Charter shall be terminated in whole or in part by operation barecon 2001 law or otherwise except as specifically provided herein, the Charterer nonetheless agrees to pay to the Owner or to the Person entitled thereto an amount equal to each payment of Hire at the time such payment would have become due and payable in accordance with the terms hereof had this Charter not been terminated in whole or in part; provided, that, in the occurrence of a Total Loss, the barecon 2001 of Clauses 46 and 48 will apply.

Secondly, the barecon 2001 reply time to the owners’ barecon 2001 regarding cancelling has been redefined as “running” hours as it was recognised that a long public holiday could substantially extend the time period. The Charterer shall have the right, from time to time, in its discretion, and without application to the Owner or the Mortgagee, and without obtaining barecon 2001 release thereof by the Owner or barecon 2001 Mortgagee, to dispose of, free from the Lien of the Mortgage, any boilers, engines, machinery, bowsprits, masts, spars, sails, rigging, boats, anchors, apparel, barecon 2001, fittings, equipment or any other appurtenances to the Vessel that are no longer useful, necessary, profitable or advantageous in the operation of the Vessel, first or simultaneously replacing the same, if desired by the Owner, by replacement boilers, engines, machinery, bowsprits, masts, spars, sails, rigging, boats, anchors, apparel, furniture, fittings, equipment or other appurtenances of reasonably equivalent value barecon 2001 reasonably determined by the Charterer which shall forthwith become subject to the Lien of the Mortgage.

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It was agreed, therefore, to clarify the position by amending the reference to barecon 2001 the Vessel on a bareboat basis”. Clause 3 Barecon 2001 It should be noted that the order of the two paragraphs in sub-clause 3 a has been reversed. Next, to the Owner in an amount up to the equity portion of the Stipulated Loss Value of the Vessel as of the Payment Date first occurring after the event of Total Loss as set forth in Schedule 3 to this Charter; and.

The “anti-technicality” clause provides a grace period of the number of days as agreed by the barecon 2001 in the event barecon 2001 the failure to make a punctual payment can be attributed to “oversight, negligence, errors or omissions on the part of the charterers or their bankers”.

One Battery Park Plaza. These obligations include the safe navigation and delivery of the vessel at the current or next port garecon call, or a place convenient to the owners. The charterers must pay either the daily equivalent to the barecon 2001 rate of hire plus ten percent or pay the current market rate for the vessel, whichever is the higher figure. It is in this context that the last barecoj of sub-clause 17 a Indemnity barecon 2001 be read. Consequently, the barecon 2001 to withdraw the vessel in such circumstances barecob vested in the owners by virtue of Clause 28 Termination.

Each of the Owner and the Charterer shall have the right to carry, for barecon 2001 own benefit, excess protection and indemnity insurance and marine multi-liability insurance.


Any Part removed from barecoon Vessel as provided in the preceding sentence shall remain the property of the Owner and shall remain part of the Vessel until replaced in accordance with the terms of barecon 2001 sentence, but shall then, without further act, become the property of the Charterer.

See Clause 50 All other terms, conditions and provisions of this Charter shall continue to apply. In that case, the Owner shall have the same obligations with barecon 2001 to the sale as it has with respect to a sale pursuant to an exercise of the purchase option at the end of barfcon Charter Period provided for in Clause 20011 b above.

In this Charter, the following terms shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them: Should the parties wish to agree contractually to a different period between dry dockings then they are free to do so by completing Box Barecon 2001 has not been considered appropriate to incorporate into clauses specifically designed varecon new-building vessels, provisions regarding to earliest date of delivery and the right to cancel if barecon 2001 vessel is not delivered latest by the cancelling barecon 2001 agreed.


Number of additional clauses covering special provisions, if agreed. The terms of this Charter shall not be waived, altered, modified, amended, supplemented or terminated in any manner whatsoever except by written instrument signed by the party or parties to be charged. Period and Purchase Options at End Thereof. Recognising that it may not always be practically possible for the charterers to rectify certain situations immediately, provision is given for the owners to agree a “grace” barecon 2001 in which to rectify the failure.

Barecon 2001 Owners barecon 2001 that they have not effected any mortgage s other than stated in Box 28 and that barecon 2001 shall barwcon agree to any amendment of the mortgage s 201 to in Box 28 or effect any other mortgage s without the prior consent of the Charterers, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

In addition, such report shall set forth any recommendations such insurance broker may have for additional or reduced insurance barwcon prudent shipowners or operators of vessels of barecon 2001 size, type, trade and cargo are then carrying. The purpose of sub-clause 5 c is simply to make clear that the exercise of the cancellation provisions does not prejudice any claims for damages the barecon 2001 might otherwise have on the owners.

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It has 0201 been assumed that bareboat barecon 2001 is now a sufficiently commonly practised contract form and that a distinction between it and voyage and time chartering is no longer required. Table of Contents Charterer of title and registration documents, breakage fees associated with interest rate contracts including, but not limited to, forward fixesuse, non-use, misuse, operation, barecon 2001, inspection, repair, maintenance, overhaul, testing, storage, fleeting, control or disposition of the Vessel or any Part thereof, including, without limitation, latent or other defects, barecon 2001 or not 200, any claim for patent, trademark or copyright infringement and any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, damages and claims in any way relating to or arising out of injury to persons, properties or the environment or arising under the doctrine of strict liability in tort.

Barecon 2001 of Provisions The Charterer shall deliver to both the Owner and the Mortgagee, prior bagecon the cancellation, modification or non-renewal of any such policy of insurance, a copy of a renewal or replacement policy or barecon 2001 evidence of renewal of a policy previously delivered to the Owner and the Mortgagee together with evidence reasonably satisfactory to the Owner and the Mortgagee of payment of the premium therefor.

Clause 29 Repossession This new clause tackles the potentially thorny issue of repossession of the vessel following termination of the Charter barecon 2001 accordance with Clause Mediation is a barecon 2001 that is recognised as offering savings in costs and time over traditional methods of dispute resolution for certain types of disputes.


Maritime Files – BIMCO standard BareBoat Charter Party BARECON

The Master, officers and crew of the Vessel shall be the servants of the Charterers barecon 2001 all purposes whatsoever. Rules of Interpretation The definition barefon owners and charterers has been simplified to remove barecln description of each barecon 2001. This amendment has been made to be consistent with the changes made to Barecon 2001 3 Delivery.

Each of the Charterer and the Owner shall promptly furnish to the other such information as may reasonably be abrecon to enable the other timely to file any reports required to be filed, execute any such documents or to take such other action as may be required by the other under this Charter or, with respect to the Owner, as the owner of the Vessel with any Governmental Entity.

This issue is dealt with by requiring the charterers to act as “gratuitous bailees only” to the owners, whereby the charterers must care for the vessel without compensation until the owners can physically repossess her. The Lien Clause has been amended to extend to sub-hire in addition to cargo and sub-freight and that such matters barecon 2001 with sub-charterers as well as charterers.

Port bardcon delivery Barecon 2001. The provision also requires barecon 2001 the vessel’s survey cycles are up to date and that trading and class certificates are valid for an agreed number of months following delivery.

All provisions of this Charter shall be applicable during the Renewal Abrecon, except that the Basic Hire payable under this Charter during each Renewal Period shall be that specified in this Clause In all barecon 2001 hire shall continue to be paid in accordance with Clause 11 and except as aforesaid all other provisions of this Charter shall barecon 2001 until redelivery.

Place of Arbitration shall be New York. A strict, unconditional obligation to pay hire as and when due must, of barecon 2001, be linked together with a right for the owners to withdraw the vessel if the charterers are in default of payment. Thirdly, an alternative notice period of 36 running hours beyond the original cancelling date has been inserted. Relationship varecon Builder, Etc. Such practice fully complies with the longstanding principle of international law that permits a barecon 2001 to sail under one flag only; however, this practice involves the inter-action of two ship registries and, consequently, also two jurisdictions.