6/7Moses: Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses () Ab: Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage J: Liber Juratus (Sworn Book of Honorius). The Greater Key of Solomon Book Two Page 81 The Key of Solomon and the other Names of Angels which are written in the Book ASSAMAIAN, I conjure. “Camiach, Eomiahe, Emial, Macbal, Emoii, Zazean by the most holy names of the angels in the Book of Assamaian, I conjure thee that thou assist me in this.

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After this cast the salt into the vessel wherein is the water, and say the following Psalms: But when the master and his disciples shall commence to robe themselves after the first Psalm, and before continuing with the others, he should pronounce these words: There is considerable variation in the manuscripts as to the rendering of this paragraph, and it is very illuminating in establishing the relationship between them.

And the wise should only observe the precepts of the Art which are necessary, and in observing the other solemnities necessary they will operate with a perfect assurance. Figure 89, from Ad.

Index of Angel names, magical words, and names of God

The Raphaim or Cowards; 4. Concerning incense, aswamaian, perfumes, odours, and similar things which are used in magical arts If the former, then the requisite quill knife should be consecrated in the same manner as the other iron instruments. Mathers’ reading follows K Aub24 adds “in the day and hour of Mercury. They may also be of the number of five, of seven, or of nine; 4 but so that they ever implicitly obey the orders of their master; for thus only shall all things come to a successful issue.

Thou shalt divide these Talismans assanaian four series of nine each, according to the number of the Letters of azsamaian Schema. Let the Master now give his commands unto his Disciples, and pursue the course of the Experiment, and work with all diligence to bring it unto perfection.


They correspond to the Reason. Moloch walked the earth as a god. For this reason the master of the art should also employ them in sacred rites, and besides those for reading the conjurations by, and for the incense, in all operations lights are necessary bkok the circle.


But if it seemeth unto assamaain too troublesome to make a similar Knife, have one qssamaian in the same fashion; and thou shalt place it thrice in the fire until it becometh red-hot, and each time thou shalt immerse it in the aforesaid blood and bok, fasten thereunto the white hilt having engraved thereon the aforesaid char- acters, and upon the hilt thou shalt write with the pen of Art, commencing from the point and going towards the hilt, these Names Agla, On, as shown in Figure 6 1.

After which thou shalt recite the following prayer:. Of the knifes, sword, quill knife, iron pen, short lance, wand, staff, and other instruments of magical art 9. Then let him say: I have omitted Mathers’ drawings from this e-text, since they are available in low-cost edition from Weiser I have however, supplied some examples from various manuscripts which were not taken from Mathers’ edition.


Over Fumigations of evil odour thou shalt say: Thou shalt also abstain from every impure thing; reciting the prayer assamqian written.

And yet he knew he would have to cross a dangerous bridge to do so. Gladius is generally synonymous with ensis swordbut chapter 8, which describes the ritual instruments in more detail doesn’t use the word ‘cultellus’, axsamaian lists two gladii one with white handle and one with black as well as ‘ensis’ sword.

The Spirits of Yesod are the Cherubim or Angels, those powers which fecundate the earth, and which are represented in Hebrew symbolism under the form of bulls. If bokk be of linen assamiaan thread of which they are made should have been spun by a young maiden. After this thou shalt perfume it with the odours and suffumigation of the Art, and shalt sprinkle it with the water and the hyssop; and after asssamaian thou ov in this place make all the necessary preparations for an Operation.


Here King Solomon addresseth himself to his son, Roboam: He who wisheth to apply himself unto so great and so difficult a Science should have his mind free from all business, and from all extraneous ideas of whatever nature they may be.

This being said, let the magus and his disciples uncover the holy pentacles and show them towards each quarter, and they being shown in each place, there shall be noises and rushings. Then shalt thou begin to wash thyself thoroughly in the Bath, saying: Take a living Bat and exorcise it thus: Idem facies, et dices extrahendo sanguinem ex tuis digitis, aut aliis membris, si continget.

Aub24 reads “Verum quonium enses” Truly, because swords But if thou takest little heed hereof, and despiseth this Book, never shalt thou attain unto the desired end in any Magical experiment or operation whatsoever.

Aub24 adds “Aliter accipiatur predictum animal, et totum minutim concidatur, vel contundatur; deinde exprimatur sanguis cum panno subtili albo extorculari, et dicantur predicta verba. Their empire is that of fecundity. Aub24 reads “columba” dove or pigeon.

Chapter 77 – The Keys to The Lost Symbol

Such sacrifices consist of the blood and sometimes of the flesh. Some are created 15 from water. After this take the salt and bless it in this manner: Sprinkle the wax and put it aside for use; but take note that the earth which should be dug up with thy hands should be prepared every time thou hast need thereof. The characters shown should be written or engraved thereon in the day and hour of Mercury.

When blood is to be sacrificed it should be drawn also from virgin quadrupeds or birds, but before offering the oblation, say: Take then exorcised water and pour it upon the said lime, and place the skin therein for three days, after which thou shalt take it thence, and scrape therefrom the lime and flesh adhering, with the knife of reed. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the incantations.

When the Master of the Art shall wish to perform his operations, having previously arranged all things which it is necessary to observe and practise; from the first day of the Experiment, it is absolutely necessary to ordain and to prescribe care and observa- tion, to abstain from all things unlawful, and from every kind of impiety, impurity, wickedness, or immodesty, as well of body as of soul; as, for example, eating and drinking superabundantly, and all sorts of vain words, buffooneries, slanders, calum- nies, and other useless discourse; but instead to do good deeds, speak honestly, keep a strict decency in all things, never lose sight of modesty in walking, in conversation, in eating and drinking, and in all things; the which should he principally done and observed for nine days, before the commencement of the Operation.


O Lord ADONAI, who hast formed me Thine unworthy servant in Thine Image and resemblance of vile and of abject earth; deign to bless and to sanctify this Water, so that it may be for the health and purification of my soul, and of my body, so that no foolishness or deceitfulness may therein in any way have place.

There are the Spirits of Above, those of Below, and those of the Centre; then if thou investest the Sacred Ladder, if thou descendest instead of ascending, thou wilt discover the Counter-Hierarchy of the Shells, or of the Dead Spirits.

Figure 61, from Aub24, fol 17r.

L lists 14, 66,67, When it is necessary, with all the proper Ceremonies, to make Sacrifices of fire, they should be made of wood which hath some quality referring especially unto the Spirits invoked; as juniper or pine unto the Spirits of Saturn; box, or oak, unto those of Jupiter; cornel, or cedar, unto those of Mars; laurel unto those of the Sun; myrtle unto those of Venus; hazel unto those of Mercury; and willow unto those of the Moon. I have done great things by the virtue of the Schema Hamphorasch, and by the Thirty-two Paths of Yetzirah.