It’s three thousand miles from the green fields of glory, where Henry “call me Hank” Thompson once played California baseball, to the. Caught Stealing, by Charlie Huston While elements of the fantastic sometimes sneak into his work, Huston is primarily a crime writer, and if. Charlie Huston is an American author of crime novels and superhero comic books. He lives in Caught Stealing, along with Six Bad Things and Huston’s fourth novel, A Dangerous Man, follow the lovable anti-hero, baseball-mad Henry .

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Please help by adding reliable sources. Hank and his cat Bud who has to be the mellowest cat in existence are instantly likable and I suspect I will be rooting for them in the rest of the series. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hustoh, because he actually finishes the “senseless” part of it by drinking away the night after the thugs take off.

Caught Stealing

I have read other books with this same issue, namely those by Duane Swierczynsk. I get tired of stwaling not to stare back so I put it in the john where I won’t see it or hear it. Damn I found that I totally empathized with him and could see myself making such sickening choices I might not have ever heard of it otherwise. I have definitely read much more thrilling thrillers.


Stsaling Baldwin was Oscar-nominated for his ruthless role of a struggling manager of the Mob-owned casino in the fading part of Las Vegas.

Myriad represents international rights and will work with Apa on a Us sale. More like whoever did “The Fast and the Furious” or “Go” or any of the other wannabe movies that don’t bother with character development, plot or insight — just action and violence for the sake of action and violence.

Caught Stealing (Hank Thompson, #1) by Charlie Huston

But honestly, the song is a lot more fun. This morning we have a few casting announcements, and first up, Wayne Kramer is looking to reteam with his star of The CoolerAlec Baldwinfor a noir mystery thriller. Movies I will watch eventually Hank and his cat Bud who has to be the mellowest cat in existence are instantly likable and I suspect I will be root Charlie Huston is one of the best pulp fiction writers alive.

Daddy, is that true? On the back of this book, there’s a blurb about how it’s nearly impossible to put it down.

I don’t really have a problem with the violence in the book. Then ‘Six Bad Things’ was offered as a free download on Kindle. It took me a second to get used to his style of writing, but once I did, I was hooked.

Caught Stealing starts at a canter and is soon at a flat out gallop. Or what about pulling out surgical staples, slowly, one by one, from the kidney removal operation as a form of torture? We walk right through the door Walk right through the door Hey, all right! Oct 03, J. Hank stole for a brief period in his youth, after a tragic accident ruined his golden boy status.


There were times i felt really bad for the main character but then he started making a bunch of stupid decisions on his own and it was more like oh well, you reap what you sow because like one of the characters in the book says, four and a half million in cash makes you think differently.

I wish I’d taken Spanish. Having read it for a second time, I cant wait to see how it turns out.

Caught Stealing captures perfectly how a normal person can slip down the moral ladder, how a nice guy can become a murderer. InHuston joined the list of print authors who have written American comic books. But now Hank is here, working as a bartender and taking care of a cat named Bud who is surely going to get him killed. Huston shows a masterful command huxton first-person narration, deftly chronicling Thompson’s gradual slide from victim to avenger “I’m tellin’ you, Hank, watchin’ you, it’s like watchin’ a egg get all hard-boiled.

I got past the dashes and thoroughly enjoyed the book. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. My biggest problem was sheer physical implausibility and I’m terrific at suspension of disbelief; if you lose me, you’re screwing up. However, according to a recent interview with Paradigm, he prefers to be classified as a writer of Pulp, due to how he writes. There are few authors whose prose style i like stealiing much Charlie Hustons and not because its lean style or fancy.

Past tense is always a better choice because it gives the reader the feel that the events of the story charlid really have happened.


First, the premise is overused.