Aqualis Caleo high-temperature air-to-water heat pumps are specially .. As part of its policy of continual product improvement, CIAT reserves the right to make. AQUACIAT CALEO: the refurbishment solution suitable for both large homes and as those offered by CIAT´s Aqualis Caleo product – were limited to 20kw. Consult CIAT’s NAN brochure on MedicalExpo. Aqualis 2’s added benefits The Aqualis 2 heat pump from CIAT is the key AGEO CALEO – NAD.

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Electrolyte couplings may be obtained from specialist distributors in the case of major corrosion problems.

It is not necessary to add glycol to your system if you are absolutely sure that there is no risk of freezing temperatures in your area.

Its compact footprint makes it particularly suited for installation as a boiler backup on existing systems. Check the glycol content if used.

Hoses must be used to connect the water pipes to limit as far as possible the vibrations transmitted calso the building. IP 30 – Operating temperature limits: Fault management remains on during test mode. Failure to comply with the requirements of the above standards will void the CIAT warranty. Auxiliaries are not allowed: Protect from prevailing winds. Electrical connection ciaf check Outdoor coil cleaning Control check Differential water pressure switch Status of liquid sight glass and leak detection 44 5.


NAN – CIAT – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Check for any water or oil leaks around the unit and make sure the condensate water drains correctly. Classic air conditioning unit Wall-mounted fan coil unit Hot water heater.

L Always top up with the same type of mix initially used. Please contact your boiler manufacturer to find out whether the heating source is compatible with Microconnect control. English The differential water pressure switch is a safety component.

Compressor operation Indicator 5: Dial selection dot 8-position operation mode dial. Check for any loose electrical connections.

The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Turn the terminal dial to one of the following positions: This contact terminal block J1 – terminals 1 and 5 remains closed once the outdoor temperature drops below the value of P9 or a fault occurs on the heat pump.

Heating is maintained until the frost protection setpoint is reached. Italiano 4 Location of the unit The installer must check the following points before handling, placing or connecting the unit: Controlled by dry contact J15 In hot water production mode heating, pool, frost protection or domestic hot water modes or when compressor turned off: Do not use products made with monoethylene glycol, which is toxic.

D e u t s ch If you do not have a torque wrench, tighten them until they are snug then tighten a further quarter turn. Only qualified personnel may access the settings.

English To protect your heating system and avoid all risks of it freezing should it be intentionally or accidentally turned off, we strongly advise that you: Stage-2 electric auxiliary unit operation Indicator 3: If you do not have a torque wrench, tighten them until they are snug then tighten aqialis further three-quarters of a turn.


Serves as a boiler backup in large homes and multi-residential buildings as well as businesses, hotels and healthcare facilities. The control setpoint is displayed in all other cases.

The recommendations and instructions given in the maintenance instructions and the special instructions on the labels must be followed. Never add them separately. Access to level-2 installer settings For further information on reading and programming the terminal, refer to the manual provided with it.

If the direction of rotation is wrong: The Online Industrial Exhibition. Heating mode The compressor will start up after a few seconds. To do so, simply loosen the nut measure on the bottom of the pressure switch approx. Go to the CIAT website for more information. The caoeo of the tubes are not necessarily the same as those of the unit. Bear in mind the weight and dimensions given in this section.


Walls can increase noise levels considerably and reflect noise in various directions. Activates only during the defrosting cycle. Quiet variable speed propeller fan csleo by an electronically commutated DC brushless motor. The protective covers may be removed in order to change the circulator speed or reach the release screws. Connection – Attach the two wires to the terminal Fig. The room temperature is managed by the Microconnect terminal.

Boiler operation authorised symbol Application: Medium capacity air-to-water heat pump for “high temperature” heating only.