CL(Control Language):AS control language is a list of command that we use to control the operations and call system functions by making a request to the. Learn to execute an AS/ CL command. Yes there is, using FTP, the QUOTE command and the RCMD command. For example, to end subsystem XYZ on. To execute the CL commands from an ILE RPG program, use a prototype to call the The first parameter is of type Character, and this will be the command you wish to execute. Documenting nested program structures on the AS/

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CL programming-Control language Introduction-go4ascom

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: First, the options support the prompting facility, and second, multiple objects may be operated on in succession.

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IBM i Control Language – Wikipedia

Save changes and continue editing. Easily create commands and mobile application interfaces for Node on IBM i. Most business intelligence tools are just that: This allows the user to work with objects inside a library.

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Executing a CL command on AS/400

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CL procedures can be written for many purposesincluding:. Learn how Agile Modernization: Library Lists Mar In a future scenario demonstrating error recovery using these APIs, we’ll add checks for anticipated errors. Do your users keep paperwork on their desk commaands it’s processed? Choose option 3 to Work with members.

Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references.

IBM i Control Language

Everyone wants a piece of your business data. After setting the proper command string value to the Cmd variable, the program calls the API and checks the return value of the API for positive 1. If you get this message, try another name for the library. Simplify the management of multiple operating systems and applications without becoming experts in each area.


Watch the recorded webinar to see how Sequel: Robot automates report bursting, distribution, bundling, and archiving, and offers secure, selective online command viewing. Watch this minute webinar to learn why you should keep your data on IBM i, including: There are many myths about viruses and IBM i—including the belief that the system is immune. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. If you entered commandx 4 for Files, libraries, and folders on the command line of the main menu and pressed Enter, you would see the DATA menu shown in below.

The system would then display a screen describing the type of input required and an available list of allowable values. You can do this by checking the box in the upper right-hand corner of the syntax diagram of a command.