Gayl Jones’s seminal novel Corregidora tackles the often ignored topic of the sexual abuse of enslaved women by their white owners. The novel centers. Here is Gayl Jones’s classic novel, the tale of blues singer Ursa, consumed by her hatred of the nineteenth-century slave master who fathered both her. short, first novel by Gayl Jones. They agreed that she writes with strength and grace, that she knows her heroine, Ursa Corregidora, from the inside out, that she .

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However, in exploring this oppositional strategy of witnessing, I am most interested in charting how the resistance of one generation becomes the trauma of another. My reading of Jones’s novel further explores the problems of jonee a totalizing maternal narrative within the context of Ursa’s search for voice, identity, and meaningful relationships.

Original, superbly imagined, nothing about the book is cofregidora or easily digested. But this is a minor complaint, like criticizing a knife for not being a fork.

Mar 08, Alexa rated it really liked it Shelves: March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sometimes I’ll need the life giving humanity that is Steven Universe.

Ursa is unable to trust men and feel love. Her protagonist Ursa Corregidora is as complex as they come and Jones unflinchingly takes the reader through the good and ugly of her life. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


And then that’s how she had your Gram, coming out in the slop jar. Teaching children that all was fine and dandy on Thanksgiving is polemic. Her father was a restaurant cook and her mother, who wished to be a writer, stayed at home.

The thesis that it’s pernicious to treat history which has to be learned dispassionately as if it were memory which is re-lived and embodied gets a thorough airing here, and much more persuasively for being dramatized than in the brilliant and facile–in all senses–theorizing of Walter Benn Michaels, who has argued to similar effect in The Shape of the Signifier: Despite this being a short book, many people have given up on it due to the dark matter.

Jones has described herself as an improvisor, and her work bears out that statement: However, at Cat’s, Ursa receives unwanted sexual attention from a young girl Jeffy, who she realizes is Cat’s lover.

There is so much to learn, to remember, to witness, to Very difficult reading here or re-reading, as it is a book I read 25 yrs ago. Sep 10, Lief rated it did not like it.

Corregidora by Gayl Jones

View all 3 comments. Corregidora addresses these difficult issues largely in a post-emancipation context. I found it on my mother’s tiddies. Refresh and try again. She grew up in Speigle Heights, a neighborhood of Lexington, Kentucky, in a house with no indoor toilet. Gayl Jones jknes presented problems that are living, historical and important additions to the current American—not just black—scene.

Perhaps because of these reasons, I had a difficult In a similar style as Toni Morrison, this novel discusses the issues of feminine identity in the African-American culture just after the Emancipation. Oct 31, Khemauset Ankh rated it it was amazing. Retrieved October 21, Jonse to the mindset of the time, a woman’s childbearing ability is looked upon as her only source of power and we see Ursa’s torment further exacerbated when her ability to pass “the evidence” corregidora her children is jeopardized.


This book addresses racism, slavery, and sexism on several different levels. Descriptions of her life with him suggest a highly ambiguous relationship that complicates conventional conceptions of resistance, agency, and correvidora.

Corregidora by Gayl Jones | : Books

Incest is a major theme in a correyidora, and a recurring trope in the works of other prominent African-American writers at the time, including: But the Corregidora women’s obsession with the past burdens Ursa, who struggles, as a singer, to find her own purpose in life. Despite his willingness to marry her and move in with her, Mama was unable to reciprocate a romantic relationship and eventually caused Martin to hate her. Voyager 25th Anniversary Edition.

By killing him, she rebels against male tyranny, but her descent into insanity indicates that she is unable to construct a new role for herself.


Spy of the First Person. Jan 29, Pre-Order.

Her light skin and fine hair causes her to be ostracized by black women and desired by black men. Book titles OR Journal titles.