Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. Richard Rhodes · Gennady Gorelik, Reviewer. Boston, University. Barton J. Bernstein, Reviewer. Stanford. Here, for the first time, in a brilliant, panoramic portrait by the Pulitzer Prize- winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb, is the definitive, often shocking. The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. In “Dark Sun,” a book of formidable range, Richard Rhodes recounts in detail what led up to the Soviet explosion, how Mr.

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Why two such outstanding theoreticians should have overlooked more promising alternative arrangements is a question worth exploring. Zeldovich, began exploring fission theory. Espionage, then, accompanied the Soviet dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb of nuclear energy from its earliest days. So-called “Theater” weapons with more limited explosive power than TN weapons, intended for use primarily against military instead tge civilian targets. Shortly after he returned to Russia, he went to prison.

It was good, too, but it suffered from nuclear physics overdose because I read it after I read the first one. Fuchs had knowledge of all atomic development secret processes and sent everything he knew to Beria’s operatives.

One important field of rezidency work was industrial espionage — stealing industrial processes and formulas to save the Soviet Union the expense of fhe these technologies legitimately from their developers.

However, you’ll notice that I am writing a review, so the book never ended up in my “abandoned” pile. The Yugoslavian diplomat Milovan Djilas met Beria in the course of the war: The first Cold War confrontation occurred shortly thereafter, with the Russian blockade of Berlin in Junewhich was combatted dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb finally defeated in May by the allies’ Berlin Airlift.


As a consequence of this limitation, the hydrogen bomb was much more dependent upon numerical simulations to test and improve designs, suh to testing the bomb by exploding one.

Kurchatov finished the four-year university course in dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb years. Kurchatov left ruined Sevastopol then, evacuating first by boat to Poti, south of Sukhumi on the eastern shore of the Black Sea, then beginning the long journey by train to Kazan, seven hundred kilometers east of Moscow, to resume work at the temporary Fiztekh installation there. If atomic bombs could be built in time they would be decisive, in which case no belligerent could afford not to pursue them.

Not even Ioffe escaped the general harrowing.

It is interesting that the Bulgarian ambassador was of a higher caliber than these leaders and told them that Hitler would never beat the Russians and that Stalin shouldn’t worry about it. Borst and William D. I had no idea how out of control our nuclear arsenal was during the missile crisis. Admiring Flerov’s enthusiasm was not the same as trusting his judgment, however. An engrossing history of the scientific discoveries, political maneuverings, and cold-war espionage leading to the creation of mankind’s most destructive weapon.

Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb

I thought Gomb knew, but I didn’t. Alarmed by the growing mood of fascism he found in Germany on his return passage, Khariton at twenty-four organized an explosives laboratory in the new Institute of Physical Chemistry, a Fiztekh spinoff.

It only has one reasonably technical section at all, a lucid and clear description of X-ray ablation and pusher recoil as it pertained to the Ivy Mike weapon. The latter chapters do pick up I kind of got the impression that Rhodes was running out of space. Stalin gave him huge responsibilities: Fascinating and amazing, really highly recommended. There wasn’t a bit of that dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb in Igor vasilievich This first time around, however, it dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb crucial, as the Russian physicist Victor Adamsky emphasizes in a discussion of why Nazi Germany never developed an atomic bomb: The part about the Soviet spying is amazing.


We listened to him attentively. At least for the pages I read there was precious little about the making of the hydrogen bomb and skimming the rest gave little hope. More of a history of the early cold war that uses the hydrogen bomb as a focal point. These early discussions caught the suun dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb Leonid Kvasnikov, the head of the science and technology department of the state security organization, the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, known by its Russian initials NKVD.

These aspects converge in the administrative hearing regarding whether or not Robert Oppenheimer, the first head of the American nuclear weapons laboratory at Dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb Alamos and a government advisor in the s and early s, should continue to have a security clearance. Looking at the book as a whole, I would recommend it, particularly for someone who is a history buff. They lacked the laboratory equipment they needed — a nydrogen cyclotron and a large quantity of heavy water — to measure the actual capture cross section of deuterium the entire Soviet supply of heavy water at that time amounted to no more than two to three kilograms.

He chose, to prepare a thesis in theoretical physics because the university laboratory was not adequately equipped for original experimental work; he defended his dissertation in the summer of Like The Making of the Atom Bomb, surprisingly gripping even for those less fascinated by nuclear weapons than me.

Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb by Richard Rhodes

Semenov describes “hunger and ruin everywhere, no instruments or equipment” as late as — “Fiztekh” quickly became a national center for physics research. Need to pick up the real book from somewhere.


Rhodes’ book on the history of the atomic bomb was a masterpiece; this, on the buildup to the hydrogen bomb, is merely excellent. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and others were also arrested for espionage; the Rosenberg’s were later convicted and sentenced to death.

By the I believe physics had dakr enough that nuclear power and weapons was inevitable. In his sequel to the Making of the Atomic Bomb. Suzanne Rosenberg, a daughter of Canadian Communists dark sun the making of the hydrogen bomb had returned to the Soviet Union to support the Revolution, describes a similar railroad ordeal evacuating Moscow during the October panic: Books by Richard Rhodes. And, finally, the Germans possessed heavy water and reserves of uranium.

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