ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS. J. Price Gittinger. Economic Development Institute The World Bank. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS employed by the World Bank for all but a few of its project analyses (Gittinger, Garg, and Thieme. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Economic analysis of agricultural projects / J. Price Gittinger | Incluye bibliografía }.

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Objectives, costs, and benefits. Intangible costs and benefits. Analyzing project effects on government receipts and expenditures. A set of generalized guidelines is included.

Resource Economics Jon M. Unnumbered series ; no. Conrad Limited preview – It does not consider in detail the technical, institutional, social, or commercial projectts. The process is interactive, going back and adjusting earlier decisions based on what is learned. Identifying Project Costs and Benefits.

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Aspects of gitringer preparation and analysis. Sensitivity analysis treatment of uncertainty. References to this book Resource Economics Jon M. A set of generalized guidelines is included. The sequence of topics presented generally follows the order of the analytical process in preparing a financial, and then an economic, analysis of an agricultural project.

See Less – Document also available in: Analyse economique des pr Analyse economique des projets agricoles French. The following topics are examined: From inside the book.

Economic analysis of agricultural projects – James Price Gittinger – Google Books

Financial analysis of processing industries. Unnumbered series ; no. Accuracy of agricultural project analyses. Google Buzz Stumble Upon Delicious. Financial export and import parity prices. Applying discounted measures of project worth. Choosing among mutually exclusive alternatives. Economic analysis of agricultural projects: Advanteges of the project format.


Projects, the cutting edge of development. Why agricultural project analyses prove wrong. Economic aspects of project analysis.

Measures of project worth. The large quantities of scarce resources, both people and money, that will be required for progress Identifying project costs and benefits. Elements of farm invewstment analysis.

Objectives of financial analysis. Google Buzz Stumble Upon Delicious. Lending, Learning, and Development No preview available – Financial rate of return. Analyse economique des projets agricoles French Abstract Increasing the growth and efficiency of the agricultural and rural sectors of the pdojects countries is of prime concern to the international community.

Projects The Cutting Edge of Development.