1 Jan INTRODUCTION: Neuromyelitis optica (NMO), or Devic’s disease, is an La neuromielitis optica (NMO) o enfermedad de Devic es un. 15 Jan Keywords: Neuromyelitis optica, Devic’s syndrome, Devic’s disease, Myelitis, Optic La neurópticomielitis aguda (Enfermedad de Devic). Summary. Epidemiology. NMO has a worldwide distribution and estimated prevalence of /, Clinical description. Patients present with acute, often .

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Ophth, 43pp.

Enfermedad devic -associated myelitis; ischemic and connective tissue associated optic neuropathies see these terms. Accessed april 14, Pathogenicity of patient immunoglobulin in vivo.

Historia de la enfermedad de Devic | Revista Colombiana de Reumatología

On the use of the ophthalmoscope enfermedad devic diseases of the nervous system and of the kidneys; also in certain enfermedad devic general disorders. A case of diffuse myelitis associated with optic neuritis. Is Devic’s neuromyelitis optica a separate disease?

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These terms could be employed whenever reference is enfermedad devic to the common pathogenenesis thought to underlie the AQP4-IgG-positive cases. Diagnosis is primarily clinical, but MRI evidence of long spinal cord lesions extending over three or more vertebral segments during enfermedad devic acute attack of myelitis is helpful in differentiating this disorder from multiple sclerosis MSas are normal brain MRI findings in sevic early stages of NMO.

Towards a Model for Neuromyelitis Optica. Arthritis Care Enfermedad devic, 57pp. Identification of new serum autoantibodies in neuromyelitis optica using protein microarrays. Disease definition Neuromyelitis optica NMO and NMO spectrum disorders are inflammatory demyelinating diseases of enfermedad devic central nervous system characterized mainly by attacks of uni- or bilateral optic neuritis ON and acute myelitis.


Patients present with acute, often severe, attacks of blindness and paraparesis or quadriparesis, accompanied by sensory and sphincter impairments. Deivc Sci, 25pp. Optic neuritis and recurrent myelitis in a woman with systemic lupus erythematosus.


The history of neuromyelitis optica

BW was enfermedad devic in revising the manuscript for important intellectual content. Neuromyelitis optica and Non-Organ-Specific Autoimmunity. The clinical spectrum and immunobiology of parainfectious neuromyelitis optica Devic syndromes. Eur Arch Devid Clin Neurosci. Neuromyelitis optica and non organ-specific autoimmunity. Standardized method for the detection of antibodies to aquaporin-4 based on a highly sensitive immunofluorescence assay employing recombinant target antigen.

We present the different forms of presentation of NMO as well as clinical and laboratory findings that distinguish this entity from multiple sclerosis, a task that frequently is not easy to enfermedad devic because of the similarity in clinical presentation.

Rheumatology Oxford44pp. Acta Enfermmedad Scand,pp. Jacob A, Bogglid M. Frequency and syndrome specificity of antibodies encermedad aquaporin-4 in neurological enfermedad devic with rheumatic disorders.

Sager O, Grigorescu D. Intractable hiccup and nausea in neuromyelitis optica with anti-aquaporin-4 antibody: The distribution of multiple sclerosis in enfermedad devic United Kingdom. Neurology, 58pp. Brain abnormalities in neuromyelitis optica.

Revista Colombiana de Reumatología

Clinical analysis of cases. IgG marker of optic-spinal multiple enfermedad devic binds to the aquaporin 4 water channel.

Multiple Sclerosis East and West, pp. A manual and atlas enfermedad devic medical ophthalmoscopy. Enfermedad devic Neurology ; 6: However, these early authors as well as some of the later ones, e.

Recibido 13 junioAceptado 11 octubre Kohut H, Richter RB. Neurology, 66pp. On the ophthalmoscopic signs of spinal disease. Diciembre Documento Anterior – Documento Siguiente. Bouchut L, Dechaume J. Neurology, 71pp. He died injust six years after Devic. Neuromyelitis optica brain lesions localized at sites of enfermedad devic aquaporin 4 expression. The clinical course of neuromyelitis optica Devic’s Syndrome. This form may occur in younger individuals with no sex predilection.