EP93XX. ARM. ®. 9 Embedded Processor Family. EP93xx. User’s Guide 8×8 Key Mtx. ARMT. Maverick. 18 Bit Raster. LCD I/F. Crunch. Notes on making a proper EABI cross compiler for Maverick Crunch (EP, EP93xx) processors. This is a bit of “higher order hacking” and. It’s already configured to build in /opt/toolchains/ directory. This work is based on patches by Martin Guy and tested both on Cirrus demo board for the EP

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The result underflows directly to zero. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Migrating to Zefeer Embedded Linux Kit 1. Let the immediately following instruction be a two-word coprocessor load or store.

Skip to main content. Therefore typical applications of this module are interactive terminals, kiosks, advanced instruments, info-points electronics, and in general everything that must look like a PC without being a PC and without the cost of a PC. Synchronous mode is much slower, but ensures that, if floating point exceptions are enabled and occur, you can be sure magerick pinpoint the offending instruction.

EABI on Maverick Crunch – Nuclear Physics Group Documentation Pages

Enabling forwarding in a test program dp9302 revision E1 hardware, I have been unable to get this bug to bite. Myers says on linux-cirrus 31 Mar It also has four bit registers on which can perform a bit multiply-and-accumulate instruction and a status register, as well as conversions between integer and floating point values and instructions to move data between itself and the ARM registers or memory.


Block Diagram View Full Image. GCC does not use: The -mcirrus-di ep93002 enables them, caveat emptor.

It has its own instruction set which performs floating point addition, subtraction, multiplication, negation, absolute value, and comparisons as well as addition, multiplication and bit shifts on integers. Orphaned e;9302 from July All orphaned articles.

A branch is taken and it is one of the two instructions in the branch delay slot. Execute a third instruction at least one of whose operands is the target of the previous two instructions.

crosstool-ng for the Maverick Crunch processors

Designers of industrial controls, internet radios, digital media servers, audio jukeboxes, thin clients, set-top boxes, point-of-sale terminals, biometric security systems and GPS devices will benefit from the EP’s integrated architecture and advanced features. Deselects saturating arithmetic for integer operations and selects the usual C-like overflowing.

Presumably, cfstr64 does the same. On board RTC specifications. The MaverickCrunch is a floating point math coprocessor core intended for digital audio. If the instruction preceding the interrupted instruction can be determined, and it is a cfldr32 or cfmv64lrthe instruction may be re-executed or explicitly sign extended before returning from interrupt or exception.

This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. The Cirrus crunch softfloat library has integer asm code to check for denorm values before these operations e.

High-Performance, Networked, ARM9, System-on-Chip Processor

The rich set of peripherals natively implemented by the microprocessor allow the module to drive all kind of buses commonly used in the industrial and PC worlds: The now rare D0 revision has a more extensive range of hardware bugs than the later revisions; mavericj D1-E2 no further modifications were made to the design of the Maverick unit.


Module Height and Width. Operating modes The FPU can operate in several modes, controlled by bits in its status register: It performs these in ARM registers as usual. Maveridk cfadd – cfaddne – cfstr Buggy cfadd – nop – cfaddne – cfstr Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – nop – cfaddne – cfstr Buggy cfadd – nop – cfaddne – nop – cfstr Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – nop – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – nop – nop – cfaddne – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – nop – cfaddne – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – cfaddne – nop – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – cfaddne – nop ep93002 nop – nop – cfstr Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – cfaddne – cfstr Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – cfaddne – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – cfaddne – cfaddne – nop – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – cfaddne – cfaddne – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – cfaddne – cfaddne – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – cfaddne – cfaddne – nop – nop – cfstr The second instruction may also not be executed because it follows a branch: The bugs The bugs are: Here we only attempt to work around the bugs in the later series.

Coprocessor data path instructions include any instruction that does not move data to or from memory or to or from the ARM registers.

Some real-life programs compiled with it do seem to work though.

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