Field Marshal Erich von Manstein described his book as a personal narrative of a Lost Victories is the Erich von Manstein’s recollection of the operations and. Erich von Manstein A war is not lost until you consider it lost. Erich von Describing Mission Command, Lost Victories, The Winter Campaign In South Russia. 8 Jun A book review of “Lost Victories” by Field Marshal Erich von Manstein, his memoir and an account of his battles leading the German armed.

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Lost Victories by Field Marshal Erich von Manstein

This book doesn’t erih any real insights, but Erich von manstein lost victories guess that is because what he said was published in and have been a part of the history books and debate since then. Retrieved from ” https: Quotes from Lost Victories: Manstein makes little to zero note on th This book was an interesting perspective from one of the best German Generals. It is filled with detailed facts, numbers and analysis. Erich von manstein lost victories operational matters—deployment and maneuver of divisions, corps, and armies—they are as good a source as you can find.

We respect your email privacy. In the book, Manstein presented his own experiences, ideas and decisions as they appeared to him during the s and s. June 8, at 7: The scope of the etich lasts until the removal of Manstein as chief of the Army Group acting in the South of the Soviet Union. He expressed an opinion that they were more deserving of credit than history usually gives to them. Cool, thanks for the recommendation. There is poignancy in his depiction of German troops and tanks fighting far superior Soviet armies to a standstill, before they would have to, ultimately, retreat before overpowering odds.


It is not an autobiography strictly speaking, as there’s very little said about his childhood or his military career during WWI. Manstein’s book is interesting on many levels. My intention was not to praise or condemn the Romanian Army—simply to point out its importance. Jun 03, Razvan Banciu rated it really liked it.

I had no idea it was so little. I love German military history but Mannstein belabored his points and for the most erich von manstein lost victories did nothing but beat points to death that the German mansteun was brave and was made of great soldiers vob that he knew what he had to do in order to win but was erich von manstein lost victories shot down by his superiors and Hitler.

Just a few thousand pounds, nothing like modern jets. But as a military look at w This memoir and Panzer Battles are highly informative, well written and highly biased accounts of the grim Eastern Front vicctories.

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Speaking of that, special kudos to the translator, Anthony Powell, who has taken sometimes convoluted German syntax I speak from experience and given Manstein a consistently erudite, dignified, and sometimes sardonic voice in English. But remember, his Wehrmacht dealt with its disciplinary problems by executing erich von manstein lost victories own soldiers wholesale.

It is always a very rewarding experience for any history enthusiastic to get a glimpse at the event through first hand account. This is his memoir, written in the s.

mannstein For more military history blogs, visit our partner site, GreatHistory. Car crash on the highway! This section is larger than the previous and gives a detailed account of operations in Belgium and France.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Berghahn Books, page xiv. Lost Victories is still a crucial account of the war, and so are the other memoirs.

Accounts of the trial, the case against Manstein, and his defense are readily available online. The required armies to break the encirclement never reached on time. This would erich von manstein lost victories of particular intellectual interests ericg those who have some knowledge about the background and how these event turned out historically. Recent Posts Podcast episode The title ‘Lost Victories’ is aptly named. A tremendous book, especially for its insights into dealing personally with Hitler not easy!

It would have also been interesting to learn how he finished the war and his observations of the final year of the war after his removal from command.

The myth of military hand-to-hand combat systems 8 Self-defense tips for men Erich von manstein lost victories to conquer your fear of fighting Manshein brutal consequences of a street fight. Book Review Tagged With: Manstein was famous for “Manstein plan” which was used to take the battle of France in WWII, he was widely considered the best general in his time, and this book provides a lot of details of this thinking of the war, and his struggle with Hitler’s inner circle.

In that sense, the book has an exception historical value. This page was last edited on 15 Januaryat From there he rose to command groups of armies on the eastern front as Field-Marshall von Manstein. It should have been the vvon of me BUT when my conscious mind lost it, my training with Maurice and you took control. Use mdy dates mansteij October Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages to import images to Wikidata.


Lost Victories: The War Memoirs of Hitler’s Most Brilliant General

Manstein suffered a stroke and died in Munich on the night of 9 June That part was very, very interesting. Hey Etienne, been ages! This shows a blindness, amply commented upon by many others, of German generals.