Prisoner of My Desire has ratings and reviews. Danielle said: With the premise of the heroine raping the hero—this is just one of those books. by Johanna Lindsey First published Sort by Esclava del deseo ( Paperback). Published July 1st . Le catene del desiderio (Hardcover). Published. As with Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsey doesn`t have an official website Blog about Johanna Lindsey “Prisoner of my desire” (Esclava del deseo).

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Once she realizes her eesclava over Jihanna and stops felling all guilty, she gets to be really cool. But what ensues the revenge was a lesson a hardened warrior learns in love. View all 14 comments. She did not enjoy it and did it only to save her mother. Maybe because deep-down I know that what I’ve written is completely shitty and people will make fun of me for it? I refuse to show my petty jealousy.

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It was meaningful when Rowena first said it to Warrick at the beginning of the book and even more so when she said it again at the end. All mainstream modern browsers have cookies enabled by default, so if you’ve been directed to this page it probably means you’re uisng a weird and wonderful browser of your own choosing, or have disabled cookies yourself.

Rowena, pulling on her experience overseeing her own castle, transforms Warrick’s stronghold in the seamless way that so many romance heroines innately possess.


You’d never believe a HEA could come out of this, b The idea of the h raping the H wasn’t exactly a turn on for me, but I like the author and decided to give it a whirl. When Warrick was chained to the bed and Rowena was first brought to him, Rowena should have told him the truth — her mother was held prisoner and would be killed if Rowena did not get pregnant by Warrick.

His smiles were so special, and when he finally said “I love you” Dek swooned. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Lyons body will be hidden until Rowena’s gets knocked up and all will go as planned. The word gets thrown around that the value of the word is lessen because its such a strong word and women who have been through such a very violent act would read some of these books and think no way can it compare to what they have been through.

By far the most popular among her books are the stories about the Malory-Anderson Family, a Regency England saga. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter. Books by Johanna Lindsey. There were many occasions that angered me, but in the interest of saving some writing time, I have chosen two examples, described below.

It’s undergone numerous drafts. Prisoner of My Desire is the story of Rowena needing an heir. I did like that he felt terrible when he realized how wrong h Just reread this for the 2nd time and I forgot how much I had loved it. I am linddey I reread it.


Rowena dipaksa oleh Gilbert kakak tirinya untuk menikah dengan lord tua bangka bau tanah yg sebentar lagi akan mampus dan memiliki anak darinya. He had been humiliated and made to feel weak and he was a very vengeful person. To be honest, if Rowena had had to bed the old coot, I think I would have thrown up a little. He continuously humiliated her and got his revenge but slowly he overturned those that he could due to his infatuation with the heroine and even began to act the romantic hero.

It does, in my favorite way – angry sex, guilt and occassional moments of soul-sucking love. To view it, click here. Onto the hero and heroine. The sexual tension between Warrick and Rowena, as you can imagine, is high. This especially was one of my favorites. But sweet and strong Rowena would be his undoing. I don’t know how in God’s creation she did it, but I’m impressed.

If she did not cooperate, her ruthless stepbrother Gilbert would kill her mother. There were a number of times when telling Warrick her name would have solved some problems, but she never did, which bothered me. Just reread this for the 2nd time and I forgot how much I had loved it. The repetition was noticeable and quickly became annoying, mainly because the story itself wasn’t interesting enough to distract me from it. He wants her but has no hesitations in using her in his war against his archenemy Lord Fulkhurst.

Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. Yes, he had a talent for frightening people with his terrifying scowl and he had a big scary dungeon where he locked up Rowena And this novel hit every emotion for me.


As it was, the love story was incredibly weak, with the characters’ feelings appearing out of nowhere. Warrick yang dendam habis-habisan karena merasa dilecehkan dan dicuri benihnya berhasil menangkap Rowena dan menghukum Rowena sama persis seperti Rowena memperlakukannya dengan rantai.

Prisoner of My Desire

Fabulous story filled with wonderful characters. Inwhen she was still in school, she ilndsey Ralph Lindsey, becoming a young housewife. Both, of the Hero and the Heroine. Everyone was split into two camps: She could stand up for herself. Warrick, Lord Fulkhurst, was on the way to claim a new bride.

The heroine is strong and likable and so are the additional female characters. Or maybe the lust, hate, revenge, love, and betrayal weaved through pages that takes me for a spin? The heroine is forced to make physical relation with the hero; or see her mother die at the ceseo of her step brother.