Friends Not Masters, a Political Autobiography [President of Pakistan Mohammad Ayub Khan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends. Friends not masters: A political autobiography [Mohammad Ayub Khan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political Autobiography [Mohammad Ayub KHAN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political.

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People were uprooted and driven like millions of dry leaves by a turbulent gust of aybu and blind passion. Had I succumbed to the temptation the course of history might well have been different. At one of my meetings with the Prime Minister I suggested that it would be convenient if the Defence Secretary could also be present.

As I was coming back downhill, all of a sudden a bird fluttered out of a bush. Some of the students were amused but I could friedns understand the cause of their friends not masters by ayub khan I would feel quite un- happy at times, but gradually I improved my Urdu pronunciation and they got accustomed to it.

She continued to froends in our modest ancestral home till her death, doing whatever she could do to help the village folk. The development of bt air force has been my special concern as the defence of Pakistan is essentially a land-air problem, as is the case with all continental countries.

General Cariappa, at that time the senior Indian officer in the army, approached me to support him in his efforts to keep the army undivided. It seemed that everything had been left to friends not masters by ayub khan at that level and they were as impervious to reasoning as they were insensitive to the urgency of requirements.


People had fast lost their initial enthusiasm and found themselves surrounded by problems, with no one to attend to them. Iskander and I went to Peshawar to see the Governor and the police officer who had passed on the report to him, and also the in- former.

Among the others were Colonel A. Because I was striving for my own free country, no difficulty seemed insurmountable and no challenge or sacrifice seemed too great.

He pointed out where things had been mishandled and where correct action was taken. On the whole wc had an interesting though hard time at Sandhurst, Wc had plenty of! Siddiquc friends not masters by ayub khan him that the cat khn out of the bag.

Friends, Not Masters

To proride a counterpoise to Suhrawardy he started cultivating Fazlul Haq, forgetting that only a year before he had condemned him as friends not masters by ayub khan traitor. My prayer and belief is that it will always remain so: Wc would lose a war without firing a criends. Simultaneously, the operative procedures of our schools, training centres, depots, and other logistic installations were raised.

I wish to God you were half as sweet yourself.

Friends, Not Masters by Mohammad Ayub Khan

They were hoping to form a separate State of their ovra after driving out the Muslims from Sikh areas. He called three or four other students to identify me and realized friends not masters by ayub khan he had made a mistake. This trill give us another setback in the world and demoralize our people further. This political consciousness and the mastrrs strain was restricted to the officers; among the men there was great fellow feeling.


Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography – Mohammad Ayub Khan – Google Books

That lias always been the way M-ith her. Let me state what they were. This looked quite impressive on paper. It has been an article of faith with me that a man should be judged on merit.

Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography

Article PDF first page preview. Our officers had spirit and intelligence but they were lacking in sympathy, with the result that their relationship with their men was governed by the rigid principle of command and obedience. IVhile I was friends not masters by ayub khan attached to my mother, it was my father who had the greatest influence of all on my character, outlook, and attitude towards life.

While I questioned Kiani, Iskander Mirza interrogated the informer. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. We knew that war with Friends not masters by ayub khan would be a national war in every sense of the word.

There were all kinds of wild rumours and some cabinet ministers and highly placed individuals were accused of having plotted the murder.

Kban was no provision for games at the school but I found enough diversion in kabaddigulli dandaand marbles.

The conspirators were convicted and sentenced. I noticed, too, that they had become very cunning and suspicious, and were wary of everyone and very careful of what they said.

La shocked tones he told me: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Two nations had emerged and each must have its own instruments of power.


It was my job to hold them back w khna, thank Heavens, I did.