Get nutrition information for Fuddruckers items and over other foods ( including over brands). Track calories, carbs, fat, sodium, sugar & 10 other . Fuddruckers claims to make the world’s greatest hamburger — pretty big words considering the competition. Fans of Fuddruckers restaurant know that their tasty . Comprehensive nutrition resource for Fuddruckers. Learn about the number of calories and nutritional and diet information for Fuddruckers. This is part of our.

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I understand the gripe here. Plus they probably don’t want to take the time if there are others in line behind you.

California is the only state that requires this information and it should be nationwide, for medical reasons alone! I think this is a good assumption and was curious what others thought?

Lipozene For Weight Jutrition I would bet Fuddruckers Milk Shake has about calories else why not publish the information? And no, I can’t and won’t email anybody the chart. Can you give an example of a Fuddruckers product whose nutritional fudcruckers can be compiled from publicly available sources? He has never been overweight and type 1 is not curable.

Interactive Nutrition Menu

First of all the bun is saturated in grease, as are the patty and any toppings. If you’re watching your calorie intake, you might want to avoid the appetizers or else share an appetizer to minimize the quantity. If it’s fat that you’re worried about, eat your burger, be happy, then get off your ass and work it off.


If you want that Crispy chicken sandwhich. No fries, and just water to drink. Take a pass on the high-calorie toppings like the Fudds cheese sauce and mayonnaise and choose healthier toppings like tomatoes, onions, lettuce and their delicious homemade pico de gallo. Go to the store, there isn’t one item that does not carry the label of what’s in it and its nutritional data. It is impossible to accurately administer the insulin without accurate carbohydrate counts. I found this thread because I too want to find Nutritional Information on Fuddruckers.

This has been an eye opener for me – I can tell you I will now be doing the research first – if there is no data, I’ll go elsewhere.

This is hardly a secret, and nutritional information is widely available from hundreds of sources online. I usually track what I eat right after I eat it, but when I came home to fuddruckfrs my Fuddrucker’s chicken tenders, I had no luck.

I found this while googling Fuddruckers nutrition info since it still isn’t on their website after all this time!! Fat is good for you. Even the spice they put on the fries has 4.

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Its ALL about portion control and tell the restaurant what you want. I’d like to see everyone do the same. Type 1 diabetes means insulin allows a diabetic to eat; without insulin is certain death.

Fuddruckers Nutritional Info

We make it easy for everyone who need information on Fuddruckers Nutrition here! I too try to eat very healthy, but once a week I go out and have a “cheat meal”. A native Midwesterner, Maggie Vink has been writing for more than 15 years. Everyone telling people not to eat at Fuddruckers needs to hush.


U.S. Food Policy: Fuddruckers nutrition games

I can tally up any item on the menu, just ask. The grilled chicken breast on a wheat fuddruckees has only calories and 8. It works very well with my diet.

So the point is. She studied journalism at Oakland University and health information technology at Davenport University. Having this stuff every now and then is really no big deal. Just opt for a side salad and a garden burger patty only and you’ll be good nutriyion go!