SAE GEIA-STD, “Logistics Product Data,” was adopted on 16 April for use by the Department of Defense (DoD). Both MIL-HDBKA, Department. The GEIA-STD standard provides a list of data elements that can be generated as a result of the supportability analysis and contains data related to. Users should tailor their data transfer requirements to the specific requirements of the customer. GEIA-HB is a companion document to GEIA-STD

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This course provides fundamental insight into the logistics support analysis LSA process. This course is offered on an as-required basis.

Guidance for development of the logistics database geia-td-0007 generation of the summary reports are also newly published documents. With the application of PSA, well defined tasks are identified, a timeline for task application is provided along with task inputs and outputs.

This course instructs in the creation of these in-work partitions, maintenance of the data within the partitions, and updating the baseline configuration using data from a partition. It also tracks modifications to the LSAR database via in-work partitions and allows users to make prototype alterations to LSAR data while keeping a “baseline” configuration of data intact.

Training Courses

This site is a U. SLICwave, the recognized world leader in product life cycle support solutions software, is supported with training courses that give you the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the software proficiently and effectively.


Using SLICwave combines expert instructor-led sessions and plenty of hands-on exercises to promote skill development. Department of Defense System.


Additionally, it examines the role of analysis in PBL and spiral programs. Concepts, Analysis, and Techniques Course Length: Contact Information Design Interface: When entered into geai-std-0007 qualified logistics database, summaries of the LPD can be generated which support acquisition of the required resources.

Furthermore, RCM analysis will identify preventative maintenance actions that can be undertaken in order to keep the failures from occurring.

Through a detailed introduction and skilled instruction, you will learn how to improve management and delivery of provisioning contractual requirements. FMECA is engineering analysis that seeks to identify the ways a system can fail, the effects of those failures, and the criticality of those failures. This is an official U. Guidance for tailoring the tasks is also provided to account for the differences in system acquisitions.

SLICwave Training Courses

Product Support Analysis PSA is the present day process for identifying the resources required developing the logistics support system to accomplish the operations and maintenance tasks necessary to sustain equipment in the fielded environment. This comprehensive course provides not only theoretical overview, but real world scenarios, enabling you to improve evaluation and understanding of obstacles and issues that may come in receiving, maintaining, and submitting provisioning data.

Concepts, Analysis, and Techniques training course provides instruction to provisioners of all levels.

Navigation Contact Information Geia–std-0007. Discover how to achieve optimal performance from the software with the knowledge you gain from this course. The focus of the course is to provide you the necessary insight to produce the appropriate support system for your program.


Through the accomplishment of these tasks, Logistics Product Data LPD are identified and become attributes that define the specifics of the logistics support system resources, e.