18 أيلول (سبتمبر) EGP: Oriental piano with perfect condition everything works as new Has many oriental tones and styles بيانو چيم شرقي فيه كل النغمات و. A vendre un orgue oriental GEM PK5 avec support et sacoche.. proposez vos prix INBOX:). Gem PK5 Arranger keyboard in good working ically,there are some stickers on keys,scratches,etc. The original AC adapter is taped but works.

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During Style play, you can switch from one variation to another by pressing the desired button. What Is Midi Page Style, Song and Song Style tempo.

Up to 3 keyboard sections can be recorded. Do not place this product or any other objects on the power cord, or place it in a position where one could walk.

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If you prefer to use a computer software sequencer to record your Songs in order to exploit some of the advanced editing functions, follow the general instructions which follow.

Pk5 Oriental – Power-up Status default Transpose The Instrument semitones Peavey electronics electronic keyboard owner’s manual 34 po5.

You can purchase the power supply from your retailer with the following technical character- istics: Performances to disk PK7 only before using restore, in order to avoid losing them. Check that the arrowhead to the left of the display is next to the PERF menu function.


Don’t have an account? Rear Panel Pk5 Oriental connections Master keyboards are generally mute instruments without sound generators and require external sound sources to produce sounds.

Use the DIAL with care, however, because in certain situations, this control gsm affect other parameters; The PK5 Oriental hem contain the following items from the factory: Song mode PK7 only A Song is a representation of a multi-timbral performance 16 tracksas if you were listening to a full orchestra.

Large multi-function LCD display. How To Program The Performances Follow the Delete procedure explained geem Loading Song Styles The Sounds And Tracks To Select Keyboard Sounds Push button to turn the instrument on and off.

Set PK5 Oriental to operate in Real time mode in order to be able to play at least three sounds at the same time Upper 1, Upper 2 and Lower keyboard sections. The selected effect type s are now assigned to the current Performance.

Song Style Name PK7. If you try to use a disk formatted in an incompatible format, the drive prompts you with an appropriate message and invites you to retry with another disk. Adjust The Volume Video hem – Pk7 Only While you play, the PK5 Oriental records the panel situation yem all the operations that you carry out.

In Song mode, PK7 only only one track is activated for real time use. Recall A Style By Selecting The Performances While the track is flashing, you can change sound by specifying the corresponding number on the Sound selection keypad. Don’t have an account? A Style, therefore, provides a complete range of musical structures with which you can create an entire song. This is a safety tem.


Gem PK5 Oriental Manuals

The Sample Edit Parameters Regulates the overall volume of the entire in- strument speakers, headphones, stereo aux out. Basic Concepts To gain access to the functions, as well as following the instructions outlined below, it is also possible to follow a shorter and more direct route: The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an. Page 44 OFF setting recalls the sounds in their geem form without the memorized modifications.

Computer pk7 Only If this button is off, only the Drum track will play after the start. There are 63 programmable Performances available to choose from, giving you a variety of possibilities of setting the PK5 Oriental to your liking with the least number of opera- tions. The Song Performance The Arabic Scale Use the Volume slider to regulate the headphone volume.

Play The Programmable Pads The SOUNDS section is a direct selection zone where each button recalls one sound only according to the markings near the buttons. Setting A New Split Point Saving Performances to disk for PK7 is explained in gsm Disk chapter. How To Update Your Instrument By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

The Style Tempo If the master keyboard has programmable buttons, it is possible to assign them some control messages and control all directly from the master. PLAY function is off, then press the corresponding function button F1 … F9 to enable the track flashing.