Discover ideas about Food Plan. The history of Overeaters Anonymous and its food plans, specifically the grey sheet, which spawned Greysheeters Anonymous . Appendix B: Text of the “Grey Sheet” of Overeaters Anonymous Food Plan. PAGE ONE OF OA PAMPHLET. PLAN “A” — LOW-CARBOHYDRATE. (Suggested for. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Greysheet Food Plan is used as a personal plan of recovery by many members in Overeaters Anonymous.

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I had been in OA meetings with a couple of the Greysheeters and had been captivated by one of them saying that abstinence and God were the most important things in her life and that she did not eat in between her meals no matter what. Soy flour or sugar should be listed fifth or lower in soy products. Vegetables may be mixed. Since there were no amounts given, I tried my best to muddle through, often undereating. I was holding on for dear life, white knuckling and terrorized by the food.

Heather April 19, at Hopefully you have something you look forward to doing, or can find one. I was told to eat whatever I wanted in moderation. Many years later I would have to buy a bag of something sweet and eat it in my car on the way to dinner parties so that I could be certain I’d get enough.


I was also very religious. Can you advise, as I don’t see it above – if any fats are allowed. While the diet addresses food intake, it does not encourage other lifestyle changes, like regular exercise, that can have a significant impact on long-term, sustainable weight loss.

The Greysheet spells it out in black and white, and I have a sponsor to help me. I went to graduate school and got an M. Thank you my recovery friends.

Fish – 4 oz. My face sagged and my body was greysheeh. My first semester in college I had a roommate, and it was awful trying to sneak food at night under my covers so that my roommate wouldn’t see me breaking a diet.

This is NOT nonsense. I had smells coming from every orifice. I have been a chocoholic who exercises a lot for 40 years. You will still be abstaining from compulsive overeating. It is informative, can you help me in finding out more detail on Diet Plan ,i am interested and would like to know more about this field and wanted to understand the details about Healthy Food. I am so grateful that even in my fear and diseased state my sponsor coaxed me into turning over my food the first night and spoke to me about one day at a time.

Therefore these foods cannot be eater at all! Onion soup mix may be used as a seasoning but not as a soup. Take a multivitamin every day. Use a postal or kitchen scale, a measuring cup and measuring spoons. The Greysheet gives me boundaries and gives me just the right amount of choices so that I stay safe.


Also, for the most part my guilt about being a compulsive eater has been removed. BVaughn7 January 11, at 3: Sugar must be listed 5th or below on ingredient labels: I was attracted by their serenity, togetherness, and by their message.

Overview of the Grey Sheet Diet Plan |

So I encourage you to find someone that wants to do it with you. My binge eating seemed to kick in even more when I was about twelve years old. If they were not so extreme in their tactics and insane in their beliefs I doubt I would feel the level of anger I do about them. Don’t feel bad if you cannot lose weight quickly, many people have the same problem. If you have a medical problem, follow your doctor’s plan. I have a fatal illness, not a moral issue, and Greysheet is my medicine.

No snacks are allowed between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, and the only thing permitted between meals are diet soda, tea and black coffee. Do not skip meals, and do not combine two meals for example breakfast and lunch brunch. Chicken – 2 pieces Clams – 4 oz.

You will have more time. Butter, olive oil, coconut oil? This site uses cookies. Kidney – 4 oz. I identified with eating alcoholically but I judged the organization to be cult-like, and I dismissed the Big Book as sexist food old fashioned. I have also lost 10 lbs.