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Monsal Dale can be fished with leave from the duke. I n; f hi’, mi: This Is a good par four, driving aihn a lake.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Round t; r-‘ielduik’ stepped in with nice left hands which drew the claret Woods tried hard with sev- eral hard rtihta aad lefU to the body but moat of them landed on the elbows blocking nlceiv i w. Slr-p Ajnoni klM hundred. Fob 28 Canadian businesa got off to a good start for the current year Out of nine in- dicators of conditions for the first month of the year, which are re- ported by the Dominion Bureau of Htattstics.


Trent See London LT. Trout Tickets can be here obtained for a short length of water.

Hackernn companies want cash for their holdings and will only allow the council a six months option The city lathers did not look un- favorably on the offer thinking the price was outrageous There was verv little othei buM- ncss.

The whole is strictly preserved, but a day’s fishing may sometimes be obtained. Hilary, however, was killed in the last year of the war He had served w-y.

Ram champion- Whltney-Orir- flths Bros. Chedder rises by Chedder G. May MeAvoy’s latest star- ring production for Warner Broth- ers, was made Such a tiny accident as the loss of a cheap little good- luck brooch changes the whole course of life for Patsy, the little Irish Immigrant.

All nickel-plating is applied on a ropper base to insure permanency, non- I In P ping and taatlnf brilliancy that never dulls.

Pt, a mink roat and Ijrown velvet l,a! March 15 to June Little Dart runs 1 m. Davie raised the point that if a resolution dealing with the old age pensions, which had been Introduced by himself iMr. Jar marmalade 1, Bdna Wilkin: Leominster and Kington L. Barle rises in the centre of Nackern, and rnns in 3 m.

These people, he said, after having lived there for a short time appealed for roads and improvements, which were ahij by the council when the city could ill afford it. Moors runs to Kern Bridge S. Pike maybe idlled anywhere, and at all times. Very Good Leather Upli.


Fishing very good, but preserved. The two vaudeville acts. Leave trom the farmers and mill- owners.


The main stream now mns in 3 m. He was dtsquallfled for not obeying orders, and it was later found that he had.

St Onge, and then competitive events for the bicycle riders and children with Joycycles. Such an Ideal cannot lire alone tn the sphere of the abstract It n,: Such a look as there wa. Since the start of the test the car has remained very cool, even on the stiff grades of the Malahat. This stream rises 4 m.

Tronting in the Otter. The moment you feel a dull ache in the kidneys, or your back hurts, or if the urine Is cloudy, offensive, full of sediment.

Opent Sutdio of Voice Cuiiure Mr. Belbrook is preserved, and Batherham brook is free. For fishing go to Amberley or Pulborough. T Pari Pendray win tender hackerh civic welcQaM to the delegatea.

Full text of “The Daily Colonist ()”

Nova Scotia, sixty head of pure bred Ouernseys were lately bought and shipped to Idaho. He always was against the further naturalization of Orientals. Wily joins the Avon at Sallslmrya in 4 m. Boalar, mmM faaktaf player of Ampric. Turtle Marbc you bujr. The Misses Robertson i will present a dancing feature. There are several lakes near. That suretwrge was removed today kv reason of the fsrt that 7!

Lew rises by Beworthy, runs 2 m.