COMPETITIVIDAD DE LA HIGUERILLA (Ricinus communis) PARA BIOCOMBUSTIBLE EN RELACIÓN A LOS CULTIVOS ACTUALES EN EL EDO. DE OAXACA. Cálculo del balance de energía para higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) desde las etapas de producción de campo hasta el valor energético de. and cultivated castor bean plants (Ricinus communis L.) La higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) es una planta oleaginosa cuyas principales.

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Perinatal and Women’s Health. The time for flowering onset and the primary raceme insertion height were significantly influenced by the soil water tension Table 2. Table 2 Energy balance for an oil seed rape crop projected to obtain biodiesel.

Ricinus communis – Wikipedia

BRS Paraguassu, and found that increasing soil water levels caused higher rates of growth and development, biomass production and photosynthetic efficiency of this cultivar. BRS Energy vegetative period, indicating that the greater the water availability, the longest this cycle period will be. As the soil dries, it becomes more difficult for plants to absorb water because the energy retention by the soil matrix soil water tension increases, thus decreasing its availability to plants.

Adjustment parameter values a, b and c of logistic models for LA growth curves, plant height and stem diameter in each treatment, are presented in Table 1. The aim was to evaluate their heat value and reviewing the results, detect factors that contribute to any difference which will aid to select the most promising plant, in order to research for genetic potential. The seed also contains ricina water-soluble toxinwhich is also present in lower concentrations throughout the plant.


Noria San Marcos, Zac. Ricinus communisthe castor bean [1] or castor oil plant[2] is a species of perennial flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. These include a burning sensation in mouth and throat, abdominal pain, purging and bloody diarrhea.

Por lo tanto, el objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la respuesta de la higuerilla a diferentes tensiones de agua en el suelo. The planting distance of 2.

The opposite was seen in plants of T3, which presented lower primary raceme insertion height The time of initial flowering and hjguerilla of insertion of the first raceme were also determined. Journal of Ecophysiology and Occupational Health. Introduction Rural farming provides food, fiber and raw matter for sustaining human beings. The castor oil plant produces abundant amounts of very light pollen, ricinjs easily become airborne and can be inhaled into the lungs, triggering allergic reactions.

Processing the whole castor oil plant inside a pyrolysis reactor has the best energy balance at all, generating twice the energy than by using the pure raw oil.

Ricinus communis L., | “higuerilla”, “castor bean”, “ca… | Flickr

Nowadays, almost everything drives from energy so managing and generating energy is of global concern. Development and initial growth of castor bean Ricinus communis crop submitted to different soil water tensions.

An alcoholic extract of the leaf was shown, in lab rats, to protect the liver from damage from certain poisons. The quality of the oils is not significant differences by relating them to the variable spacing. Castor presscake, for instance, obtained from the crushing of seeds, can be employed as an organic fertilizer since it has nematicidal and fungicidal properties, presents all macro and micro nutrients, and is rich in organic matter and nitrogen Silva et al.


Ricinus communis

Besides, the LA growth curve in T1 stabilized after 75 DAE; however, with the increase in water average tension in the substrate to 0. Orszulik 6 December The pericarp of Ricinus showed central nervous system effects in mice at low doses.

Influence of moisture, thermal and photoperiodic regimes on the productivity of castor beans Ricinus communis L. Knowledge of the castor bean water demand allows either to adapt the seeding to regions where rainfall is favorable to the crop or to use irrigation in order to meet the crop water needs when it is economically viable.

It is important to note that seed production was higher at greater distances from seed, except in Monteria in which material was greater than 1. Brazil is the third largest producer of castor bean Ricinus communis, behind China and India; however, considering the present government program on biofuels, the country may, in the coming years, regain the first position held in ‘s.

This generated a great demand for technical and scientific information about this crop Silva et al. Plant height of the four materials tested higerilla a mean of 3.

Ricinus communis L., 1753

Castor is indigenous to the southeastern Mediterranean BasinEastern Africaand India, but is widespread throughout tropical regions and widely grown elsewhere as an ornamental plant. The same comparison between native materials does not show significant differences.

Al Guaranycultivated in pots, and a tensiometer was installed at 0. Estas variables fueron significativamente diferentes entre densidades poblacionales, lo cual muestra que, a mayor altura de planta menor productividad. Lago Castor and jatropha oils: