In November, , scientists David Quist and Ignacio Chapela published a much-cited article in the journal Nature (Quist and Chapela ). Investigating the. Ignacio Chapela (born ) is a microbial ecologist and mycologist at the University of California, Berkeley. He is best known for a paper in Nature on the. letters to nature. NATURE |VOL |29 NOVEMBER | David Quist & Ignacio H. Chapela. Department of Environmental Science, .

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Learn more in our Lab Website. Ignacio has worked as a biologist at various levels of commitment with a large range of institutions including: I had been working with them on another project, but would also naure them with technical workshops.

In this paper, we resolve a major question emerging from the last 8 years of use of stable isotope analysis for ecological inference in the field.

Our current attempt to deal with this problem is to develop methods and instrumentation to allow real mapping, at geographical scales, of microbial organisms, with DNA-sequence specificity.

We applied simple methods typical of microbial ecology to a critical question of policy relevance. Now a lecturer in philosophy at the same university. My role in this paper was to conceive of the project, implement the necessary field capacity over the last 15 yearsand write.

The first explanation seems the most likely: It’s evident that the commercial interests of multinational companies are influencing what is supposed to be a scientific discussion. Chapela is also notable for his work with natural resources and indigenous rights. What has been the naure of all this on the work you are doing, and has there been follow-up work?


Ohio State University Research News. Why the need for a disavowal? Do they care about the visibility of things?

It is unfortunate that the debate became so politicised and the real issue was discredited because of some disagreements over the interpretation of the I-PCR data. Dr Chapela was a leading opponent of the signing of the agreement within the college and I was also involved in a vocal group opposing the deal called Students for Responsible Research. Laboratory work was ignacoi performed by graduate student David Quist.

Ignacio Chapela – Wikipedia

In Context 9 Spring,pp. But nafure didn’t happen; Nature rejected the article on “technical grounds. It is the standard tool for GMO identification used by regulatory agencies throughout the world for accepting or rejecting shipments of GM-free grain. This suspicion is solidified when one looks at the Internet attacks against Quist and Chapela. Naure claim that this stems from opposition to Chapela’s anti-Novartis activism from Molecular and Cell Biology faculty member Jasper Rinewho was both a member of the tenure committee and in a research relationship with the company.

We work iignacio the laboratory of our longstanding collaborator Dr. The best thing about this alternative ontology is that it is a real alternative to the current ontological regime which comes out as neither a wholistic, non-operational mumbo-jumbo alternative, nor as a social constructivist alternative.

Ignacio Chapela

Science recently published a fairy tale story about the success of Bt cotton in India, [10] despite the fact that Bt cotton is failing miserably all over India. We propose connections between this emergent pattern and our own insight into the physiology of fractionation by fungi. In and a research team had two commercial American companies testseeds from maize plants in fields in Oaxaca – the same area Chapela and Quist sampled – for transgenic DNA material.


He has appeared in several films on genetically modified organism and food systems issues, The World According to Monsanto and The Chapfla of Food. Soon after Nature’s announcement, it became clear that the harsh reactions of several of the scientists was not merely iignacio.

The site also contains some materials in a number of other languages: Secondly, we use a ignavio approach, using natute data from across the Northern Hemisphere, to show that physiological differentiation might exist in all forest basidiomycetes, so that specific physio-ecological groups can be igmacio.

The grant went into effect in He is also igncio advisory board member for The Sunshine Projectan organization promoting citizens’ concerns with biosafety and biowarfare. The first in a series of four or five articles establishing the fundamentals of isotopic fractionation by fungi. Part of the answer is huge government subsidies.

Proudly powered by WordPress. The most recent culmination of my work on an important group of angiosperm-associated fungi, with which I have been working since my doctoral dissertation.

Nature’s handling of our paper suggests that it was under pressure from the industry camp. Farmers speak out 03 December Only the soil can free us 29 November More. In ecology, he is committed to the synecological approach to story-telling, just as he is committed to the local approach to ecological policy-making.

His research seems to indicate that some leaf-cutter ants have “domesticated” a single lineage of fungi for over 30 million years; Chapela is currently studying this symbiosis cha;ela evolutionary capela agricultural perspectives, as well as looking for ways to manipulate it.


This is an original concept derived from my experience in the field of drug discovery, together with my understanding of microbial ecology naturre the needs of conservation practice. Listen here – https: You can read this site in English, Spanish or French by selecting the ihnacio language at the top of the page.

So the local production of corn in Mexico is not only threatened by foreign genes, but also by the economic practices of a government that loudly preaches free trade while subsidizing its own industries to undermine local economies in foreign countries. Advocates of GM crops widely, and erroneously, called this a retraction.

This is a modified version of a German-language article that appeared in Das GoetheanumDec. Office hours By Appointment. Not a science-fiction buff, Ignacio belongs to the group of practicing scientist who find more wonderment in what exists than in what someone can write onto a page.

We needed a transgenic-negative control, and what better place than the highlands of Oaxaca, the birthplace of maize? Here GRAIN talks to Quist about the aftermath of the volcano and the implications for farmers, scientists and consumers.

I wasn’t igncio on maize when it happened, and I wasn’t looking for this when it happened. This is what occupies my mind — day and night.

Midcourse evaluation of the Novartis Berkeley agreement.