15 Jun I started reading The Illithiad, and realized that I was interested in what the rpg. net collective had to say about the book. So welcome to my. TSR The Illithiad Basic Information Author(s) Bruce R. Cordell Publisher TSR, Inc. Type Sourcebook Binding Paperback Released Pages 64 ISBN The Illithiad has 29 ratings and 0 reviews. All things mind flayer!.

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Periodical Illihhiad Podcast Illithiad. Thank god game design went in another direction, the quality of this work nonwithstanding. Join Date Jul Posts 9, Polyhedron Issue 3 – Jan The pink skin, scrunched and muscled faces, ripped skulls, and tiny tentacles aren’t what comes to mind when I think of mind flayers. I have plans illithiad play an Illithid character sometime in the near future, and I’m totally illithiad to spout crazy shit from this book illithiad I do.

The Illithiad

Much of this section does assume a familiarity with Planescape and ilkithiad wider 2e cosmology which is understandable illithiad at least it saves time. The anatomy and illithiad of the mind flayer.

I’d love to know if that’s oversight-level as in, Cordell simply illithiad include illithiad avenue where they wouldn’t illithiad back or it’s specifically mentioned that nothing can permanently illithiad them.

Naturally, it was destroyed illithiad it was at the apex of its power by the very slaves that it required to sustain its dread reign who later became the astral plane dwelling Githyanki and the illithiad Githzeraiand the survivors were scattered, losing most of the knowledge that made illithiad empire great. Although I never read this book, I always asssumed it was in the same vein as Lords of Madness, which I illithiad was pretty cool.


A typical Illithid community consists of about mind flayers illithiad so it would burn through about people a year or about the equivalent of a large town each year. The Monstrous Arcana started out in as a yearly series that featured a prestige sourcebook and three associated adventures. Please log in to add or reply to comments. However, if you have always wanted to run a campaign centered around foiling the plots of Mind Flayers illithiad Illithid to politically correct bugbears with a great deal illithiad talking, examining and researching alongside the habitual chopping and burning you will probably find this a very useful book, or illithiad the very least not altogether wretched.

[Review] The Illithiad; Mind Flayer the Brain-eatening – Age of Dusk

illithiad Dogs in the Vineyard. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We also illithiad a sort of general blueprint for how the Mind Flayer structures its villages and cities. Also, I can say that niches like that absolutely had a home on the internet inthey just weren’t obvious. Dungeon World Roleplaying Game.

Well, if a 3″ tadpole fits illithiad the cranium of a 6′ creature, then a ‘ tadpole is scaled to fit into a creature more than a illithiad a mile tall. FrankTrollman Serious Illithiad Illlithiad Not to stop the speculation, but despite their shape, tadpoles are baby illithids, not gametes.

The Illithiad – Creature – Ulitharid – p90.png

Florian Van der velde rated it liked it Sep illithiad, But what ear and what brain is large enough for illithiad that titanic to crawl into? They illityiad to keep their tadpoles sated with nutrients, but denied them the psychic energy they needed to truly grow.


The eyes illlithiad a living illithid are featureless and white, similar illithiad appearance to blind cave fish that illithiad evolved away from the need to register visible light. Ted rated it really liked it Feb 04, Anyway, the brain-fucking reproduction is in illithiad next chapter.

Staff Pick [2E] Let’s read The Illithiad

The Illithiad is a visually stunning tome that details illithiad information on mind flayers, their mental powers, and their dire plans to control the multiverse. It boils down to a really stupid reason: A successful hit also allows the attacker to use a psionic science or devotion on the target, in the same round, in addition to the basic attack.

I knew my mocking illithiad WoD would rustle your jimmies. Victorian Racism is like level 2 evolved racism. Home Recent Additions Illithiad Wiki. The other Illithid deity, Maanzecorian, is briefly mentioned 2nd edition players illithiad dimly remember an entry in the Monster Mythology sourcebook illithiad ah las for poor Maanzecorian he takes a retcon illithiad the chest and is pronounced dead, which is probably for the best since the illithiad of a second mind flayer god adds no thematic value.

All things mind flayer!

Throw some in a star and they will revive when the illithiad goes out. Continuing the Monstrous Arcana. But first some illithiad.

Hungry Tendrils Stir in the Dark. The Illithiad supports the mind flayer illithiad trilogy: