To present Katsugen Undo (Regenerating Movement), we have chosen this text written by Itsuo Tsuda. What is Regenerating Movement? Regenerating. The area in which the West has made its precious contribution to humanity is Evidence. Today, we are in a transition period, the century of uncertainty, in which. Tag – Itsuo Tsuda. Itsuo Tsuda 津田逸夫 · Encyclopedia · Itsuo Tsuda 津田逸夫 · Josh Gold. August 27, Join the Newsletter. Email Address. Follow Us.

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The vibrations and resonance flowing from the pronunciation of this text brings to each practice a feeling of calmness, fullness and sometimes something that goes beyond and remains inexpressible. By beginning Aikido at forty-five years of age, the ki and Non Doing were the two aspects that mainly attracted him. Want to receive future articles? The breathing can help us understand it better, feel, what it is all about.

This is precisely where the teaching by Itsuo Tsuda has brought decisive elements. This is the form we practise at the Ecole de la Respiration.

Aspects like aggressiveness, competitiveness disappear, they fall by themselves. When two metals come together into a fusion to become for example bronze, they become Bronze, it is not only harmonizing them, they become something different. The tendency during the inspiration is rather towards an opening and thus is yin; expiration closes the body and its tendency is yang. For uke the movement started already at the beginning of the inspiration, unable to resist it breaks off and falls, like when a fruit is ripe and falls in the hand.

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The Path Of Less. What made you decide to consecrate to the Aikido of Itsuo Tsuda? It is no use doing something quickly and badly. The unstable triangle, Chapter XIX. Well, it is a process of normalization of the body through Aikido, which I discovered because of the Katsugen undo practice.

Meeting the breathing. – article – Itsuo Tsuda School

It is up to each of us, and under our own responsibility, to make the discovery our own unity of being. The Shinto universe does not match at all with the pre-Copernican geocentric or heliocentric conception, established by Newton. It is a kind of communication that I establish with my students. And then the kind of spirit condition: Regenerating movement is not something we acquire from the exterior. As we are accustomed to movements that are more or less controlled, governed by the intellect or worked on, any movement that falls outside the domain of conscious control suggests to us illness, madness, or hypnotism ; the regenerating movement jtsuo to lend ittsuo to such interpretations.

These vibrations exist before being perceptible. Already just with the breathing you can hear, if you pay attention, the yin and yang, but they are only the expression and the direction of the energy that has materialised.

Therefore, there is no creation at the beginning of the world, once and for all.

Out of dualism

The research takes then a different turn. The ability to be the own Tao. Tsuca Yang surfaces push, sustained by the internal yin, become strong, standing side by side, rejecting and sliding against each other. We do not work on making the technique perfect, that does not exist.


If it follows the tsudaa circuits of the stomach and arms, the inside of the body, then it becomes yin, otherwise its expression will be yang. If we try to raise them using the yang the shoulders will contract, if we try to push the earth with the yin we will remain stuck in the middle of the movement. I think Ueshiba tsudz such a fusion capacity with the person who attacked, by anticipating his acts, his gestures.

Ueshiba, Yamaguchi Sensei, etc. In the ura form, tori must wait because yang is still too powerful, he turns to deviate the force but as soon as he gets his yin force back, it can use the yang force to start in omote or let the yin force continue its work until total envelopment of uke.

He could guide our sensitivity and make us feel thanks to the practice of Katsugen undo Regenerating Movementyuki, and particularly through fsuda touch or even his silent presence, this non-dualistic world that he had come to teuda us discovering. And so the day begins and starts well, it is a real pleasure. On the other hand with tenkan both spheres barely touch each other and only merge at the level of the hand.

Regulate our body is not only necessary to make us healthy. The body spheres Our body is in between others with an external surface: It is the reflection of a moment in our being.

Meeting the breathing.

Regenerating movement is done through the momentary suspension of our voluntary system. When the ki gets out directly from the center its tendency is yang, but depending on the circuit that it will take it will express as yin or yang. Human beings already possess everything they need within, but because of the present conditions of the world, they must find themselves again and rediscover their fundamental freedom.


The Norito version of Master Tsuda is in some way a short version. Nakanishi, the particularity of Budo, in martial arts, lies in the ability to respond to resonances. The moment of confirmation was already too late because it was not about scoring, but about life or death. This atypical character, fiercely independent, considered himself first and foremost a philosopher and he is a key figure of the Aikido in France.

Soavi, when you met Itsuo Tsuda in the 70s you were already engaged in the practice of martial arts. Our respiration becomes more profound. Article suivant Meeting the breathing. O-Sensei Ueshiba gave tsjda lot of importance to these exercises that meant to him something completely different then warming up.

For me, technique must be extremely precise.

The human being as such, unveiled. If you want to practice Aikido as the practice of the not-doing, all the work must be about feeling, you dig, tsuxa more and more and gradually something will move within us; and one day you will realize that you have overcome something. The yang force is more direct, more interventionist than the yin force, but can easily harden people.