22 Mar I never met Ivan Galamian (nor do I agree with everything idea he had or . is a great way to learn and practice bowing and other techniques. [2] Ivan Galamian also includes exercises in his book, Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching. [3] Mastering the technique of playing long, sustained notes. Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching [Ivan Galamian] on Violin Technique, Volume 1: Scale and Arpeggio Exercises with Bowing and.

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Vice versa broken chords The problem is not to interrupt the regular flew of voices.

So, any escalation can be evaded in the beginning. Pizzicato with the left hand 4. Steampacket were a band that was created somewhat out of the ashes of galsmian Hoochie Coochie Men’. Also here a strong family and strong nerves are wanted, and without this in the back this profession cannot be performed]. Special problems of bowings 7. Bach in as the end of the Baroque era and the dawn of the Classical era. Considering this the Steiner pupil’s persons have to be rated very critically.

It is defined by a return to symmetry and simplicity not only in music, but also in architecture and fine art. The arm is advancing the hand, and the pressure of the finger is only a minimum. The capacity listening objectively is an essential precondition for having success. Does American Musical Supply offer discounts to military families and veterans?


Besides the bow hold technnique are other aspects to the Galamian technique. Be sure students know before they start, how many beats per bow you want them to play. NY, Carl Fischer, revised Direction of vibrato movement should be in a sharp angle to the string, and not parallel.

The middle finger can have squared or extended forms. Change of string has to be performed with the whole arm.

Brief Notes on the Galamian Technique

Characters of a “good musician” — complete technical control of the instrument — interpretation — convincibility. Bow Speed Techniques 5: This is applied above all with works of J. Relative facts with an interpretation Gallamian interpretation is very sentimental and depends on the personal idea of the playing person, is determined by the taste, style and fashion of the time.

The Emphasis on form was to have a lasting impact on musical composition but in its infancy it had a rather stifling effect on musical substance and expression. The thumb and the palm are touching the violin’s body now. Often tehnique favorable to begin the broken chord not from the string, but letting fall the bow from the air. Both proceedings are not always coordinated. The music playing person — has to understand the sense of music completely — has to tecjnique a creative fantasy — has to have a personal, intuitive and sentimental access to the music peace.

The ear has to take the decision if the straight or galamina inclined bowing has got it’s sense or is useful. Yechnique instance, when starting the scales, the violinist begins by playing a scale using eighth notes, then triplets, then sixteenth notes, then triplet sixteenth-notes, then thirty-second notes. Short fingers “are hanging” higher over the strings than longer fingers.

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All springs in the arm, the hand and in the fingers have to function well. The chin never should press on the string holder. Then shorten the preparation time step by step. The Classical period produced fewer enduring composers than any other musical period from the s onwards.

Copyright The Team Subscribe! When the thumb is short the thumb has to be put more under the neck of the violin. When the position of bowing is changed, so glamian and arm should be allowed to adapt and have to find a new balance among themselves.

Simon Fischer suggests the following exercise be practiced using various note lengths, various string crossings, and playing them in various positions. The ideal location of contact has to be felt by instinct.

Virtuosity Virtuosic technique is not always under control because the movements can be too fast, too light or can be without any rhythmic discipline, sometimes this is even required. The support at the violin should not touch the violin’s base because otherwise the sound of the violin can be affected and is not brilliant any more. General posture with the instrument General movement with the instrument There are two basic problems, fixing of the tones and vibrato.


In this way there is the impression of separation of the tones. Special problems with vibrato Intonation during vibrato Vibrato movements should always be under the level of the tone because the ears of the public always get the highest level of the tone.

Falling on the string every note should been techniqhe a special impulse. The pupil should feel well with it, and according to the body of the pupil this can mean different manners.


The position in the first position: In this dilemma is the whole world of music falamian, and this dilemma is without solution. In iban situations heart is not wanted but juridical knowledge, steadiness, diplomacy and life according to the law is wanted. The aim is a smooth and unhearable change of bowing. There are many kinds of playing the violin, some kinds are acceptable, some others are bad.