TROUBLE IN HIS EYES AND IN HIS WICKED GRIN. He was a handsome hell- raiser, a reckless crusader in low-slung jeans – and he was. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bestselling author Janet Evanovich is the winner of the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award and multiple. Naughty Neighbor [Janet Evanovich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dear Reader: In a previous life, before the time of Plum, I wrote.

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Naughty Neighbor

I did not like either of them. Pete offers her a job after she loses her job and Louisa finds herself sneaking around in the dark in an undercover investigation for a story that Pete is hoping to get involving a pig. Press secretary for a senator, with no boy I like to tell things as it is: There is some fun dialogue, but the story is just a bit too drawn out. Apr 11, Michelle rated it it was ok.

I was particularly drawn to Pete Streeter and his unpretentious attitude and easygoing banter with Louisa. Louisa and Peter were a fun pair. If you’re not, knows that it’s not romance, nor mysteries, but pure comedy. Definitely rang true in this book as well. But then we get to the real problem, it was audio, perhaps I could have liked them in a book, perhaps then I could have laughed cos I read people laugh cos of this book.


Pete and Louisa are neighbors, Pete living upstairs and Louisa down.

Both of them weren’t perfect, but they were perfect together! Janet Evanovich is always a good read. While the characters in this book–the Naughty Neighbors in the title–are no Stephanie and Morelli or Ranger, if you preferthere is trace evidence here. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sort or like something a friend has asked you to read.

Oct 06, MsAprilVincent rated it it was ok Shelves: I snagged this book off the exchange rack at the library simply because it was a Janet Neighvor book.

It’s a 5-star book because it’s a total crack-up and I saw myself in a lot of the neurotic behavior of the characters. Anyone looking for a quick and funny romance will enjoy this.

After her boss, a Senator, finds out she has an association with Pete, he fires her suddenly and the mystery begins. I found the story was funny, entertaining, fast-paced, and so sweet. So why two stars and not one? Having the hero fall hard first makes for a nice change, and Pete really puts his nfighbor out there early.

It only had one petal left. I HATE this book.

I like to tell things as it is: I have no idea what the “pig” story was all about, I got fed up with all the “inner thoughts” by both, Louisa and Pete half way through the book – it felt repetitious, AND it wasn’t really near evanogich funny as most of the other Evanovich stories. Louisa finds she enjoys n A very cute romance.

Naughty Neighbor – Janet Evanovich

So this is the story of a pig in Witness Protection and love being found by a workaholic woman and a fun-loving man who makes terrible pots of coffee. People say that Evanovich is really funny but that wasn’t true of this book. To be fair, this book was written pre-Stephanie Plum days and probably wouldn’t have been rereleased if it wasn’t for the success of the Stephanie Plum series. Sep 15, Sally Lindsay-briggs rated it it was amazing. Threats, assaillant,shotgun and sledgehammer through the windshield, and all that because of a pig!?


The story is on the shorter side, and I felt these characters had so much more to say and I wanted to get to know them more!

She had an overly theatrical voice that heightened the cheesiness level that much more. Naughty Neighbor is probably the most romancey of all the Loveswepts I wrote, but there’s still a small mystery to unravel. It’s almost like a point on a graph that illustrates Evanovich’s growth as a writer, and the progression from Naughty Neighbors to One for the Money is unmistakable. I had one major problem and a few small ones, but more about those later with this janef book — it was over much too soon!

After reading both positive eanovich negative reviews, I decided to read this book anyway. Again, part of that was due to the enthusiasm of Critt, but mostly it was the appeal of the characters as Evanovich expertly unveils them. Aug 18, Michelle Onuorah rated it did not like neighobr.

I can always depend on Janet Evanovich for a funny, lighthearted, silly read. Nelghbor Neighbor is before the Stephanie Plum era, but I see a lot of similarities. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. View on the Mobile Site. Reading this should give any starting author hope. LibraryThing recommendations and tag cloud.