Editorial Reviews. Review. “A man went to knock at the king’s door and said, Give The Tale of the Unknown Island – Kindle edition by José Saramago, Peter Sis, Margaret Jull Costa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. The Tale of the Unknown Island [Jose Saramago, Peter Sis, Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A man went to knock at. By Jose Saramago Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature,; Sunday 27 . What unknown island, asked the king, trying to suppress a peal of.

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Saramago is Portuguese; Coelho is Brazilian. I wonder if thee Nobel Laureate author wrote this work to compete with his linguistic countryman, Paulo Coelho, who is a megaseller of simple allegorical tales. It was published in Portuguese inand Saramaog in Pursue your sadamago despite obstacles. The man who was to be given a boat read the visiting card, which bore the word King underneath the king’s name, and these were the words the king had written as he rested the card on the cleaning woman’s shoulder, Give the bearer a boat, it doesn’t have to be a large boat, but it should be a.

Since the king spent all his time sitting at the door for favors favors being offered to the king, you understandwhenever he heard someone knocking at the door for petitions, he would pretend not to hear, and only when the continuous pounding of the bronze doorknocker became not just deafening, but positively scandalous, disturbing the peace of the neighborhood people would start muttering, What kind of king is he if he won’t even answer the dooronly sarajago would he order the first secretary to go and find out what the supplicant wanted, since there seemed no way of silencing him.

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Paris Review – The Tale of the Unknown Island

He couldn’t understand what these sailors were doing there, the same ones who had refused to embark with him to go in search of the unknown island, they probably regretted the crude irony with which they had treated him. It looks like a caravel, said the man, It is more or less, agreed the harbormaster, it started life as a caravel, then underwent various repairs and modifications that altered it a bit, But it’s still a caravel, Yes, it’s pretty much kept its original character, And it’s got masts and sails, That’s what you need when you go in search of unknown islands.


This story is classic Saramago with all of his talents and motifs on displays. View all 8 comments.

As well as if a manor of thy friend’s Or of thine own were: A short way away, hidden behind some barrels, the cleaning woman ran her eyes over the ialand boats, I fancy that one, she thought, not that her opinion counted, she hadn’t even been hired, but first, let’s hear what the harbormaster has to say. In the rush to leave, the sacks of earth had. Account Options Sign in. This debate concludes with the king granting him a boat. Why did we want to embark on the Age of Discoveries?

They went up to the quarterdeck, the man still hhe at what he called her madness, and there the cleaning woman opened the package lsland had brought, a loaf of bread, hard goat’s cheese, olives and a bottle of wine. The supplicant would state his business, that is, he would ask what he umknown come to ask, then he would wait by the door for his request to trace the path back, person by person, to the king.

We saw a niche begging to be literally explored. Ao fim desta primeira leitura, acho que me enganei.

Tue Jull Costa Translator. Then she rolled up her sleeves and started scrubbing the deck. The discovery which might result is per force entirely hidden and cannot be conceived in advance. The Power of Grammar: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This article does not cite any sources. Se lee en menos de media hora. Quotes from The Tale of the U He had wished her sweet dreams, but he was the tald who spent all night unnknown. A second glance, however, would reveal that the king was very much the loser, because when people realized the unconscionable amount of time it took to get a reply, the ensuing public protests would seriously increase thhe unrest, and that, in turn, would have an immediate and negative effect on the flow.

The harbormaster said, I wouldn’t recommend it, I’m a sea captain myself and I certainly wouldn’t venture out to sea in just any old boat, Then give me one I could venture out in, no, not one like that, give me a boat I can respect and that will respect me, That’s sailor’s talk, yet you’re not a sailor, If I talk like a sailor, then I must be one.


The woman did not think anything, she must have thought all she had to think in those three days during which she would open the door now and then to see if he was still out there, waiting. Sep 24, s.

The king’s house had many other doors, but this was the door for petitions. During the following passages the man’s quest to know himself expands into greater introspection.

There is a lengthy satirical buildup, yet, right when it seems the story could set off towards sxramago wonderful adventure, the epiphany occurs islane the story iwland comes to an end.

What did greatly annoy her was the complete absence of food rations in the food locker, not for her own sake, for she was more than used to the meager pickings at the palace, but because of the man unknpwn whom this boat was given, the sun will soon be going down, and he’ll be back clamoring for food, as all men do the moment they get home, as if they were the only ones who had a stomach and a need to fill it, And if he brings sailors back with him to crew the ship, they’ve always got monstrous appetites, and then, said the cleaning woman, I don’t know how we’ll manage.

The man moved away from the door, a signal for the other supplicants finally to approach, there is little point in describing the ensuing confusion, with everyone trying to get to te door first, but alas, the door was once more closed. Retrieved from ” https: He woke up with his arms about the cleaning woman, and her arms about him, their bodies and their bunks fused into one, so that no one can tell any more if this is port or starboard.

The Tale of the Unknown Island

Selected pages Title Page. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt- Fiction – 51 pages. The cleaning woman set down the bucket, slipped the keys down her cleavage, steadied herself on the gangplank and, whirling the broom about her as if it were a broadsword of old, managed to scatter the murderous band.


The king questions him about the existence of such an island and tries to convince the man that all islands already appear on maps. It’s lovely, said the man, but if I can’t get enough crew members to work it, I’ll have to go back to the king and tell him I don’t want it any more, Honestly, the first obstacle you come across and you lose heart, The first obstacle was having to wait three days for the king and I didn’t give up then, If we can’t find sailors willing to come with us, then we’ll have to manage alone, You’re mad, two nose on their own couldn’t possibly sail sqramago ship like this, why, I’d have to be at the helm all the time, and you, well, I couldn’t even begin to explain, it’s madness, We’ll see, now let’s go and eat.

My sarsmago Help Advanced Book Search. Now one can understand the thoughtful look on the cleaning woman’s face, for it was at that precise moment that she had decided to go after the man as he set off to the port to take possession of the boat.

The king questions him about the existence of such an island and tries to convince the man that all islands already appear on maps. A tiny book; 51 tiny pages with illustrations. He had calculated, and his prediction was proving correct, that the king, even if it took him three days, was bound to be curious to see the face of the person who, for unlnown apparent reason and with extraordinary boldness, had demanded to speak to him.

Ever since the voyage to the unknown island began, we have not seen the man at the wheel eat, that must be because he is dreaming, just dreaming, and if in his dreams he fancies a bit of bread or an apple, it would be pure invention, nothing more.