Incluso en las circunstancias externas más adversas, el cristiano dispone en su interior de un espacio de libertad que nadie puede arrebatarle, porque es en. Interior Freedom has ratings and 87 reviews. booklady said: How to describe this book? La libertad interior (Spanish Edition) of Hippo Dark Night of the Soul by Juan de la Cruz The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis . ” Interior Freedom” is one of several books I own and love by Father Jacques Philippe. 1 Jan La Libertad Interior by Jacques Philippe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe

If you’re feeling any emptiness your life, I can’t think of a better way to fill that hole than with Interior Freedom. Wow this author is a must-read for all Catholics! It is composed of a succession of moments harmoniously linked. This short book encapsulates so much, intdrior what it means to be “poor in spirit”.

Don’t be fooled by the slim size of this book. Sep 09, Bill Hennessy rated it it interor amazing. Books by Jacques Philippe. Anyone could do as much. It emphasized God’s unconditional mercy and love.

Learning to accept our limitations, our mistakes and even our sinfulness frees from the need to prove ourselves to God or others, and it opens us to receive grace.


Philippe supports each point by many scripture quotes with chapter and verse. In his second section, Father Jacques describes the importance of learning to live in the present moment, addressing one problem at a time. Despite how small it is, one really needs to take a lot of time to take in how much guidance and incredible insight is in these pages. Just the opposite, in fact! Utterly profound, yet so simple and easy to understand.

View all 5 comments. An Unfinished Council Richard R. Every chapter is consoling and breathes strength and courage. The last is the attitude It was so good, rich and insightful that I decided not to just highlight great thoughts, but to take notes. There was so much in here that was just perfect.

From clear water that she made clear water. A good read, but slow. It is wiser to cancel every debt, as the Gospel invites us to.

Third, we must accept others as they are. There are few I wouldn’t recommend it to.

La Libertad Interior

Recommended to booklady by: St Francis of Assisi. He has also preached retreats regularly in France and abroad and has consolidated his principal retreat themes into five books on spirituality. Faced with unpleasant situations, three attitudes are possible: It is spiritual reading that requires meditation and prayer in careful consideration of each nugget of wisdom dispensed by Fr.

Therese of Lisieux said, trust leads to love. It was so good, rich and insightful that I decided not to just highlight great thoughts, but to take notes. When we face suffering beyond our control, we can respond with rebellion, resignation or consent. If someone tried to silence our faith by killing us, our deaths would be the best possible proclamation of our faith!


But a refusal to forgive also binds us to the person we resent, and diminishes or destroys our freedom. But life is a gift that by its very nature escapes every attempt to master it. Refresh and try again.

The worst kind of suffering is not that which we experience; it is represented suffering that grips the imagination and makes us adopt false attitudes. This book is one of healing and love.

Such actions alienate us from inferior and create tension in our relationships. Si conocieras el don de Dios: He is not interested in saintly figures in stained glass windows, but in us sinners.

He then spent several years in Jerusalem and Nazareth immersing himself in the study of Hebrew and the Jewish roots of Christianity. Mar 12, Andy rated it it was amazing. It is supposed to be a book philkppe the Roman Catholic perspective, but he mixes in several quotes from a Jewish Holocaust survivor, whom he says “didn’t explicitly become Christian”, whatever that means.

Way of Perfection E. This little book is a treasure. But it’s from an impure soul that she makes a pure soul and that’s the most beautiful secret in the whole garden of the world. Profound; I will need to re-read this multiple times to really digest it I read a few pages at a time over a few months to try and really think about the ideas in this book. People who bought this also bought. St Gertrude The Great.

This kind of time always goes either too fast or too slowly. Each of those moments is complete in itself, full, because libertzd it we do what we have to do, in communion with God’s will. The author never denounces modern technology and defines instances of suffering we need to do our best to alleviate and suffering we pnilippe to accept. Lx we were able to achieve freedom through a single book, this would be the one. In recent years, he has devoted himself primarily to spiritual direction, preaching retreats, and working for the development of the Community in Ibterior and Oceania, where he travels frequently.