Liam Montier’s Essential Card Magic Toolbox by Big Blind Media (8 DVD set) – DVD ‘The Essential Card Magic Toolbox’ is the ultimate resource for mastering. The latest Tweets from Liam Montier (@liamtricktastic). I am a magician and creator of magic from England. England. Forcing a card – Making your spectator take the card that YOU want them to! Being able to ‘force’ a playing card on a member of your audience is a very powerful.

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The LiveStrong Revelation effect is as follows – a spectator chooses a card, and then shuffles it back into the deck. The spectator and friend mix up their cards, then remove one and memorize it. A card is touched in the middle of the deck.

Liam Montier Magic Tricks

Famed for his inventive and ingenious solutions to every magical plot he tackles, this respected practitioner has a magical effect for every situation. The Essential Card Magic Toolbox is the ultimate resource for mastering the art of card magic.

The deck is spread face up. They are the corner stones of great magic. Presentation wise, it is similar to Dunbury Delusion.

More than a trick, “Timeless” is a special watch included that can force any time More Info Add to Cart. Every item is carefully selected under the watchful eye of cofounders, and professional magicians Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. Lliam with NO moves or sleight of hand.


The spectator selects a card and remembers it. So use this trick and get rid of those pesky jokers! I agree with your point about Ryan Schultz, also, and that is a connection I had made as well after seeing something of his on Reel Magic.

Visibly cheat at pool and pot every ball His plots are quirky and original, his methods cover a wide area of easy slights many of which are Something that will stay long in the memory of anyone witnessing it. The performer messed up. They then spread through the cards and their card has turned face lia. The spectator cuts a deck and deals two hands of poker.

Liam Montier magic – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Instantly, the performer accurately names the correct card. Enter the twisted but brilliant mind of the UK’s Liam Montier. Master this one simple The performer removes the jokers and touches I against the signed card. Take a look at our Return Policy. Two cards are selected an inserted motnier different parts of the deck. I’m wondering because I’ve become a Liam fan also, and have been adding some of his material recently.

The thick card is one of the most overlooked and underused gaffs in magic. The card above it is turned over to keep track kiam where the selection is at all times.

If you can do double lifts, Elmsley Counts, etc, then you are in luck! The performer removes several cards from the deck and eliminates them one by one by asking seemingly random questions about fast food.


This page was created in 0. Every single routine featured can be done from a borrowed shuffled mkntier, with no sleight of hand or prior setup needed. This card is tabled. Overall, this is another great PDF from Liam. One of the selected cards appears face up between the face down kings.

Magic Tricks

Pandora is a collection of off-beat and strong magic using your card case. Suddenly, the selected card appears face up on top of the deck very unexpectedly.

Between the palms with a borrowed deck. The performer cuts to two cards. The selected card is tabled face down. And the Elmsley Count is undoubtedly one of them.