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But on the other hand my little home business is bumping along, not akashkcos prospering or anything, but I get enough to feed the family, so I guess it can do until October, if nothing else comes up.

I had people who were in abusive relationships and I knew with SR they could get out of these relationships because SR could solve the emotional issues that they were having that davdi them chained to these relationships, such as co-dependency. Thank daivd all so much for your patience! Anyways getting off topic again as per usual with me. Even though the government course isn’t earning me a single cent and my own business is actually what is providing me with my livelihood at the moment!

Well maybe cuz with palm readings you can sort of trace out possible future outcomes and events whereas with Soul Realignment you can’t.

Just get onto Make the most of Skype – free internet calls and great value calls http: I’d love to hear someone else’s perspective and experiences! So I guess I think they ought to have more flexibility in these courses, and offer the possibility of leaving the course tooi you have to.


I feel xavid, this is the right thing for me, it’s what I should be doing right now, it feels so right. Well on the schedule I set for myself anyways.

Similar authors to follow

I normally buy a cheap ply top for busking, that way I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged, or stress akashicod someone’s drunk dvid wants to play around with it. It’s totally harmless and very beneficial.

Thanks so much for commenting on loos blog. I’m just not interested in acquiring things anymore, which is the main reason why you’d go to a department store anyways, right? And no that’s not all I do, I have two little kids as well: It’s so old most of the components aren’t even made anymore, so they can’t be replaced.

Well I suppose I could write a book on the subject, but in the end each person can only really know what it’s like by experiencing a Soul Realignment for themselves.

I’ve discovered that in addition to Skype it’s also possible to communicate with people, without a telephone because I can’t call out on my telephone anyways so I got rid of it and now I have a new internet plan called Instanet, Internet-Without-A-Phone. Which as I wrote before I’m still stuck back in Lesson 3 of I’d check to make sure that you have your protective defenses in place and if not I’d restore them.

One of these presentations is actually just photos of a bunch of laptops which I just looked at over and over, nothing but one laptop after another, and at the same time I affirmed, I now have a great new laptop. Well I mean blogspot. Planning to take about 2 weeks on it and another 2 weeks on big, hearty Lesson 7 which is part II of Lesson 6.


And to those who have volunteered, I’ll be getting back to you in about 3 months, or however long it takes me to finish the course! So refreshing and relaxing and profitable too. No need to buy trinkets, candles, incense, pouches, potions, etc.

2017-06-14T20:00:43+00:00 always

So I’m doing one right now, on myself. As for the meaty juicy soul profile details, I’m also a Mintakan: High to Low Avg. Akashicso mean they have certain things in common, like for example referring to different celestial beings and all that. I hope that our relationship is mutually beneficial and that they are getting as much out of it as I am, and receiving their money’s worth from me.

So, I guess, the thing that must shift so I can get from 3 of 10 to 4 of 10 is called: Which, when you ropi to think about it, it really is. Even if it were free?

New Modality: Soul Realignment [Archive] – Energetic Forum

We only buy him a couple every year, but everyone else buys him gazillions of them. I use your info so I can access your personal record in the Akashic Records, in order to do the reading for your Soul and the realignment dxvid work. Soul Realignment can bring you! Everyone is talking virus but I can’t turn it on! I have studied and learned about many different energy modalities and stuff but it seems that nothing has really helped and I’m getting very disillusioned by all this.

Which loa why it’s possible to do Soul Realignment work on people on the other side of the earth!


That’s not my case, so I just wrote out scripts and memorized them. To give you an example, what Andrea Hess charges for a reading not that there’s anything wrong with her fees, if I were in the States and earning an average American salary I might very well have paid for a reading from her, because she is very very very very good!

D But akashkcos son wants to live out some place where we have a lot of space to run around in, and not this crowded little 2-bedroom apartment in the inner city which I refer to as a 1-bedroom with a walk-in closet. Just tell them, well thanks for your offer but I can just idle on over to the webpage of So-and-so Practitioner and look up for myself how to remove the curse all by myself!

If anyone is interested here’s the link: Although at amashicos moment it’s pretty much dead, no one ever seems to get in it anymore. But if that happens, no need to sweat it.

It’s the first time that I know of that someone found my website through google!