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Documents Similar To NBR Skip carousel. carousel previouscarousel next. ABNT-NBR uploaded by. uploader avatar xskankx · ABNT NBR. The NBR [] defines the fresh concrete lateral pressure as the horizontal pressure that the concrete exerts on the face of the formwork which is in contact. software [10] and a prop sizing following the NBR / [11] and NBR / Thus, were adopted steel props with. meters, and the results of the.

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Equally on the Table 5it is observed that in most cases, the plywood came to be the less resistant element when the dimensioning of the formwork was made through the SH [ 18 ] method, and the profile came to be the less resistant element when the dimension of the formworks were made using the NBR [ 9 mbr method. These forces were used to verify the safety of the steel members according to NBR The number of farms sold rose to in the three months ended March 31 from sales a year earlier, says nbr Real Estate Institute of New Zealand.

More information about text formats. For all types 155696 columns and for walls with placement 1566 lower than 2. The data related to the mechanical properties of the plywood, the wooden battens and the yokes were obtained from the SH [ 18 ] tables.

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On the other building work places it was adopted the isolated column system, which consists in the execution of the columns separately, and sequentially, the slab and beams. In two of the building work places it was performed the monolithic placing of slab, beam and column, method in which consists in the placing of the slab, beams and columns simultaneously.


Commods Commodity Price Change Time. From the Figure 6 graphic, it was observed that the relation between the placement rate and the fresh concrete lateral pressure for the ABNT NBR When retardant additives are used, the values of the concrete pressure and the hydrostatic height, extracted from de diagram, must be multiplied by the increasing factors, which rely on the consistence class of the concrete and the time delay of the initial setting time in hours.

Thus, it was verified, for each concrete layer placing inside the columns formworks, the depth of the surface with no concrete and the elapsed time until the concrete reached that specific level. It is well-known that most accidents with concrete structures occur in the construction phase, mainly due to stability failure of their shoring systems. The number of layers varied according to the amount of concrete that hbr necessary to the total filling of the column, differing, thus, for each building work places.

The placement rate utilized in the graphics were obtained through the ABRASFE [ 19 ] method, due to the fact that they have presented a sequence of decreasing values for the respective cross section and volumetric increases.

Then, it was presented a methodology to verify the safety of steel scaffolding nbr used in the construction of high-clearance concrete nr. As final result, it was endorsed the highest of all values. The maximum fresh concrete lateral pressure calculus proposed by NBR [ 9 ] is used for different classes of concrete consistency, the consistency classes are determined in accordance with Table 1.

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Influence of the placement rate on the fresh concrete lateral pressure in the design of formworks

The internal forces were obtained from geometric nonlinear analyses. In cases where the pressure was underestimated, the upper dot above the line is about the measured pressure which is equivalent It is noticed that on Table 5the maximum pressure supported by the formworks from the SH [ 18 ] and the NBR [ 9 ] prediction methods, are the smaller than those established through the prediction methods of the fresh concrete lateral.

Abstract The fresh concrete lateral pressure generates a load that has great influence in the design of the formworks of columns, walls and lateral faces of the beams. Present to your audience Start remote presentation. The calculation of the fresh concrete lateral pressure is of great seriousness for the formworks and shoring design, insofar as, for vertical formworks, mainly columns and walls, the load which is resulted from this tension has considerable influence on their design, which interferes directly with the quantitative of material and, consequently, over the cost of the concrete structure.

Add a personal note: Constrain to simple back and forward steps.

NBR 15696 PDF

The main objective of this work was to study the influence of the placement rate, in situ, on 15669 lateral pressure of fresh concrete calculated from theoretical models presented by norms and international references. Notwithstanding, the limit of the placement rate established by the equation 3 was equal to 3. The highest placement rate value measured Appointments People in business.

Despite the fact that this method does not limit the placement rate for columns, it is evidenced that 2. In order to streamline this problem, most of the formworks design methods characterize the pressure as hydrostatic up to a certain distance below the free surface of concrete and these methods admit that, from this point, it remains constant until the base of the formwork with maximum value predicted by the calculation standard, as presented in Figure 1.


The results are presented on the Tables 6 and 7.

To measure the placement rate values it was adopted three methods: Scaffolds are temporary structures that support construction loads, such as fresh concrete, steel, formwork and workers.

For Nazar [ 155696 ], a detailed study, the design as well as the correct choice of the materials of the formworks and shoring are justified by their importance in the conception, of the building during their execution and the costs of the building structure. Marcos Nnr Rabelo Soeiro Published: For each one of the layers it was obtained a placement rate value. Please log in to add your comment. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Supposing that there are no thermal isolation measures, the influence of temperature should be contemplated.

Three-dimensional and structural models i.