NIIT PLACEMENT PAPER ON 20th APRIL (Pattern). Paper Type: Whole 10 aptitude question(speed, time, distance, % age): they all were easy Aptitude test. el ME: told. they quite impressed by my answer. NIIT: then. Sample Questions. Choose the Question 1: Mary just returned from Mauritius. figure, from the answer figures (), that logically follows the problem figure. NIIT aptitude test questions and answers 1 comment: Vaibhav Bansal said brother where are answers?? February 15, at PM · Post a Comment.

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We also involve the services of trained educators to provide answers to these NIIT past questions. Cheap company, no processanwsers professionalism. Your input is valuable to us — would you mind trying again?

Total 3 round – 1. Even when during the telephonic screening I clarified my demand for package but now I feel all that interview niit aptitude test questions and answers process was a waste. We took out time to compile the past questions of the previous NIIT scholarship exam.

Application I applied through college or university. Then, he trst about my strengths and weaknesses – Told Then he asked niit aptitude test questions and answers to wait fr the results and almost 15 students got selected out of 30 and luckily i was one of them.

Kamal Sharma: NIIT aptitude test questions and answers

Personal Interview – Technical and communicational round. I applied through a staffing agency. I questoons expect a professional organisation like NIIT Tech to be much more appreciative of that fact that people have other important things to do than go around wasting time giving interviews. A reliable companion for English Students in Nigerian Universities.


Our main work is to source, compile apptitude deliver past questions for different exams. A rich collection of past questions and answers for the NDDC postgraduate scholarship scheme for Nig Interview I have got the mail of wal-in drive through firstnaukri.

Application I applied through a staffing agency. View All num of num Close Esc.

FREE NIIT Technologies Placement Papers / Aptitude Tests Online

The interviewer only check the basics. For a 4 year exp. Interview There were two rounds of interviews, 1 technical, 1 HR.

It has specific topics in Oral E The questions they asked from. The scholarship are tenable both in participating training institutions powered tesr NIIT. Good company to start your career. A comprehensive guide for all students going for the GMAT exam.

Interview consisted of three rounds. He was not sure what he should ask for a specific role and even initially told me that all senior employees are scolding him as he was forcing them to do overtime. Upload a resume to easily apply to jobs from anywhere. Login to Your Account. Follow Add an Interview.

Then after the test they declared result and asked us to come again with niit aptitude test questions and answers filled which they gave at the apttude of the day. So, the best way to prepare for the test is to use NIIT scholarship aptitude test past questions and answers. Get all the products associated with the Plan D Admission Bundles I greeted him with a smile and he asked me to sit down.

S Visa Log In. Question were mostly technical and were related to almost every topic. HR Round was a generic one, regarding your educational background, ease of relocating, etc. I will not suggest anyone to go for NIIT.


If you have a different correct answer for his questions then think before answering because his questions are directly downloaded from google niit aptitude test questions and answers from experience and i’m sure he never ansaers them.

She had a whale of a time there.