Posts about Public Law written by fugitivenation. House Joint Resolution – PUBLIC LAW “To assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the Unites States,. Whereas the holding of or dealing . Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the Treasury Department ation Act, . for the fiscal the United States on account of public-debt transactions for the.

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Both seek to interpret your signature as a pledge of future performance, a security future.

AN ACT To provide for the removal of American citizens and nationals accused of crime to and from the jurisdiction of any officer or representative of the United States vested with judicial authority in any country in which the United States exercises extraterritorial jurisdiction – March 22, – AN ACT To provide for changing the time of the meeting of Congress, the beginning of the terms of Members of Congress, and the time when the electoral votes shall be counted, and for other purposes – June 5, – Empty promises to pay backed by fraudulent presumptions of informed consent.

AN ACT To extend the provisions of pubic Act entitled “An Act to extend the period of time during which final proof may be offered by homestead entrymen”, approved May 13,to desert-land entrymen, and punlic other purposes – June 16, – Law American shipwrecked merchant seamen AN ACT To provide for the care and transportation of seamen from shipwrecked fishing and whaling vessels – March 5, – 48 Stat. AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to the State of Alabama, its agent or agencies, and to Colbert County and to Lauderdale County in the State of Alabama, and to the city of Sheffield, Colbert County, Alabama, and to the city of Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama, or to any two of them, or to either of them, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge, and approaches thereto, across the Tennessee River at a point between the city of Sheffield, Alabama, and the city of Florence, Alabama, suitable to puboic interests of navigation – June 12, – To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If we wish to credit the straw man, 7-310 might say: Like the pledge, the birth bond is a certificated book-entry security future, a bet against your future performance, which is re-presented noticed into the public by a certificate: AN ACT To provide for direct loans by Federal reserve banks to State banks and trust companies in certain cases, and for other purposes – March 24, – Law Indian trust allotments AN ACT To amend section iof the Act entitled “An Act 7-310 provide for determining the heirs of the deceased Indians, for the disposition and sale of allotments of deceased Indians, for the leasing of allotments, and for other purposes”, approved June 25,as amended – April 30, – 48 Stat.


The first number group identifies the corporate State, the second group identifies the year of delivery, and the third group identifies the transaction.

For the sake of skeptical friends and family, here are the sound bites: It is not the result of some bureaucrat recording a trust, but the natural consequence of a transfer.

Statutes at Large Volume 48 Table of Contents

Law Appropriations, Navy Department, etc. AN ACT Making receivers appointed by any United States courts and authorized to conduct any business, or conducting any business, subject to taxes levied by the State the same as if such business were conducted by private individuals or corporations – June 18, – Upon deposit of the Social Security bond, the Department of the Treasury through the Internal Revenue Service is the trustee of record.

The question becomes, How does an unconscious paper corporation operating in an economy without substance control the population of living people under the original public trust charter? Res Thomas Jefferson Memorial, D. This site uses cookies.

Public Law | fugitivenation

The answer is self-evident. Law Domestic registered, oublic, etc. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to modify the terms of existing contracts for the sale of timber on the Quinault Indian Reservation when it is in the interest of the Indians so to do – June 6, – When an attorney lodges a complaint with a Court, the Court opens an account, the complaint is deposited generally, pulic a summons is issued against the indictment which is presumed to be backed by the pledge as manifested in the Estate.


This chilling roadmap to the Uniform Securitization Scam may be helpful to review as you read about the pledges, certification, re-deposit and various techniques that comprise the USS. Law Pike National Forest, Colo.

Who else but the people of the United States stand behind U. AN ACT To provide full and fair disclosure of the character of securities sold in interstate and foreign commerce and through the mails, and to prevent frauds in the sale thereof, and for other purposes – May 27, – Law Arkansas centennial, coinage AN ACT To authorize the coinage of 50 -cent pieces in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the admission of the State of Arkansas into the Union – May 15, – 48 Stat.

Organized commercial fraud which applies ancient edifices of commercial sleight-of-hand such as legal fictions, certification, registration and securitization to achieve outcomes which would otherwise be impossible and certainly repugnant to the Founders. AN ACT To place the cotton industry on a sound commercial basis, to prevent unfair competition and practices in putting cotton into the channels of interstate and foreign commerce, to provide funds for paying additional benefits 73-100 the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and for other purposes – – April 21, – Law Grand Island, Nebr.

Law Navigation rules, amendment AN Lqw Authorizing pursers or licensed deck officers of vessels to perform the duties of the masters of such vessels in relation to entrance and clearance of same – May 4, – 48 Stat. Law Circuit judges, disability provisions AN ACT To provide, in case of the disability of senior circuit judges, for the exercise of their powers and the performance of their duties by the other circuit judges – May 23, – 48 Stat. Law Green River, Wash.