Schnabel was commissioned to write a piece on Dave Morehouse for Esquire in , when Morehouse began to claim that remote viewing and Army. According to David Morehouse, Remote Viewing is the ability to “transcend the physical world to view people, places, and things remote in time and space. But David Morehouse teaches that all human beings, including you, have the inborn capacity for Remote Viewing?the ability to see across space and time.

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Morehouse was fascinated by the story.

The Remote Viewing Training Course

Short, muscular, but getting heavy, he has a nose that looks like it was broken once or morehousd. Perhaps she did receive harassing packages in the mail, and did believe that they had been sent by government operatives.

Morehouse presumably heard about the story and decided to make motehouse his own. Thus we read on page of the final draft of Psychic Warrior: She never told her husband that his best friend had made a pass at her. Among other things, Morehouse proposed that Team Six should make use of remote viewers in its counter-narcotics operations against drug lords in South America.

While all this was going on, Morehouse managed to keep House Tech going. A charming wife and family join him in being a total part of the team and community. In one of her first statements to prosecutors, Angela Connor mentioned the expos on remote viewing that Morehouse was working on with Dafid.


While the Army tried to decide what to do next, Morehouse vieewing to claim to friends that he was the target of some kind of secret harassment campaign by shadowy government operatives. How I got information about you– And we were told not to speak to you. Published September 1st by Sounds True, Incorporated.

To Smith, Morehouse seemed like a high flier, a good choice for the program. Do you offer wholesale pricing? He had a traditional assignment, as morehuse officer of an airborne battalion, and with Command and General Staff College behind him, seemed destined for early promotion to lieutenant colonel. I was upset and [Dave] knew that I was upset.

For a while according to Angela Connor he had planned to divorce his wife Debbie and marry Mary instead. They made eighteen pitches over several days, and eventually got morehoue offers. She is pretty, in her late thirties, with a certain intensity etched around her eyes. They asked the judge for special clearances, to look through the files of DT-S and its predecessors.

Some ghost, or some calculation. A great deal of intelligence, a good ability to imagine, and a very creative mind. To see your shipping costs reote checking out you can use the estimate shipping cost section in the shopping cart.

This and other quotes below are taken from the page record of U. If your country does not use postal code please insert a 1 in the postal code field if you are not getting shipping cost to show. Morehouse began turning up for remotd there, and trained in the standard remote viewing techniques, and began to take part in occasional “operational” taskings by the DIA and other agencies.


She also came to the conclusion that Morehouse had all along been sleeping with other women, including two waitresses at local franchise restaurants one later admitted to Fort Bragg investigators that she had spent the night in a hotel room with Morehouse, but she said that they had merely “watched movies”.

This includes an average of days for processing and packaging and days for shipping. This will take you to the form to change or update your billing information. We typically think of psychics as special or gifted with unusual abilities.

Return to Book Page. She told me that another strange man had growled at her on the subway to “stop representing Dave.

Remote Viewing – David Morehouse

All transactions on ShamansMarket. Dave Morehouse is far ahead of his contemporaries in demonstrated performance, maturity, and total professionalism. In any case, Morehouse apparently thought it was a good enough story to insert into his new version of events in Psychic Warrior — despite the fact that he had left DT-S by the time Iraq invaded Kuwait. He had been put in touch with New York literary agent and infomercial producer Sandra Martin, who specialized in popular, often New Ageish projects.

Only a few intelligence consumers took it seriously, and those few had to conceal their interest by saying their use of DT-S was merely “experimental. What else to call a people who, according to polls, increasingly believe that the X-Files picture of the world is an accurate one? We’ve been making some improvements to our website.