Shiva Sutra is a central text for Kashmir Shaivism. I first translated these mysterious verses in , said to have been revealed to a sage Vasugupta in a dream. 2. Bhaskara says in his Varttika on the Siva-Sutras that they were revealed to Vasugupta in a dream by a Siddha – a perfected semi-divine being. 3. Ksemaraja . Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta Shiva Sutras are a collection of seventy seven aphorisms that form the foundation of the tradition of spiritual mysticism known as .

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Shiva Sutras | Sound of Om

As there, so elsewhere. Letters make stras words. The existence of the body becomes a religious vow. Conversation is mantra recitation. Similar to verse 1. A painstaking Italian translation of the Sutras and the Kshemaraja’s Vimarshini by Raffaele Torella is also available.

There are many translations of the Shiva Sutras into English. The life of all mantras is solely the energy of Sitras consciousness. It must not be passive effort, it must be active effort. This movement is described by the word Spanda. He drives away the field of differentiated perceptions and enters into a new world of God oc.

When we have done this, made this symbolic offering, then only God consciousness and no other consciousness remains. I am vasughpta that the Shiva Sutras contain the highest form of knowledge that has ever existed.

In Kashmir Shaivism we learn that when we experience the world as differentiated multiplicity, we are consequently pushed further into delusion. A book that you never really “finish” once you hit the last page. When you are treading the way of totality, you must see the totality in a piece of the totality. When we want God xhiva than anything else, then such pauseless effort is not so difficult.

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It is there, in what comes to be called the pulsating Heart of Shiva, that we each arrive at our final spiritual destination, our true home, and our deepest embodiment of what is most real, most valuable, and most meaningful. This pauseless effort is most easily achieved when we are filled with intense desire and longing.

The Shiva Sutras are organized into three sections or means Upayas based on the ability of the student:. Waking, he went to the summit of a nearby mountain, and found a rock inscribed with the verses. Ways of maintaining awareness in breathing, reciting mantras, and other disciplines are explained.

You are a magician, a genie.

We are told to use our imagination to move from the gross vausgupta to the subtle. Surely it is easy to understand that in an ashram, where many people are living and eating together, there must be order and rules as there are in any institution. Whosoever is in this state is the means of knowledge. Branko Ivatovic Mahapratibhawan rated it it was amazing Jul 30, We can and often do lose what we have earned — and we must then regroup and with even greater intensity win back our God consciousness.

The translation is probably far better too; but as my translation was written with the Shri Vidya in mind, I have decided to let it stand or fall on its own.

Equally the practice of breath produces a similar sight. Mantras are made up sutrras sound as letters. There is only one soul. From the appearance of pure knowledge come the many Shaktis of the lord of the circle of the Shaktis.


Individual being is the mind entangled in the wheel of repeated birth and death. The matrikas are the seat of knowledge. Your understanding will be based on your level of consciousness at the time. Laura rated it it was amazing Oct 15, Anderson rated it it was amazing Aug 11, These three are eaten, consumed, by Shiva, that is to say He enjoys them, and is inseparable from vqsugupta.

One myth is that he received the aphorisms in a dream visitation of a Siddha or semi-divine being.

Siva Sutras: The Yoga of Supreme Identity by Vasugupta

Its fundamental nature is that it deploys itself in movement, and as a result of this movement, there arises, indeed, our own life. No diversity is the real truth.

The Shiva Sutras direct our attention beyond all limiting ideas of self, all contracted notions of identity, and all finite constructions of the intellect, to a sublime space of the uttermost Consciousness within us. The yogi experiences the divine play even in other universes.

The aphorisms are meant to be wrestled with, pondered, and meditated on. When his knowledge of the Self is permanently established, then birth and death are gone forever. Both of these exist in limitation, in the cycle of the mind in bondage.

You must want this more than anything. We have no distance to cross, except in our own consciousness.

Siva Sutras: The Yoga of Supreme Identity

Because Shiva wishes to know, He being one with Shakti is bound by knowledge, which is the very self of the three gunas. These individuals deserve our respect. No trivia or quizzes yet. Beneath the curtain of each atom lies concealed the life increasing beauty of the face of the Beloved.


The three, that is Shakti is with attributes, which are produced from the play of the three gunas. The great ocean of consciousness contains everything within it. Knowing differentiatedly is bondage and not knowing undifferentiatedly is bondage.