24 Feb Explore Skybus Technology with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper. SKYBUS TECHNOLOGYBY: AKASH MANDAL A view of Skybus HISTORY OF SKYBUS The Sky Bus technology offered by Konkan Railway. SKYBUS METRO: All administrations are in search of an economically viable solution to the transportation problem, which is also environmental friendly.

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This structure is constructed in the divider space between road lanes. A third rail provides power. As more and more people from different habitats try to converge on to the central business district, the road are left with no capacity to improvise and handle the excess traffic, leading to congestion.

They have IT tools for economical communication and control. Service is available at every 30 seconds or 1 minute, which means virtually no waiting time for passengers.

A distance of 50m from the last tecnnology to the traverser is maintained to provide holding capacity for two units as a third unit is getting traversed in case of unforeseen delay. It has two heavy 52 – 60 kg. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The air conditioned coaches have 4m-wide automatic doors. Chennai Monorail Coimbatore Monorail. The sky way consists of a concrete box structure 8. The KRC had solicited interest from foreign firms to maintain and upgrade the test tecchnology, this was sykbus with poor response which also contributed to the decision to dismantle. The maximum radius of vertical curve was m.


The Sky Bus technology offered by Konkan Railway Corporation meets the above requirements, and re-defines the thinking and planning for urban transport being an Eco-friendly Mass urban transport system revolutionizing urban life.

Sky Bus follows existing road routes without disturbing traffic. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They offer audiovisual information to passengers. Stations have automatic doors and lifts. The station is skybks air-conditioned platform 5. The road ways once laid almost remain constant and indeed may be effectively reduced by uncontrolled encroachments. Views Read Edit View history. Managing director Bhanu Prakash Tayal shared that KRC was unable to engineer critical components like the “swing arrestor” and “switching apparatus” which could have potentially addressed the safety concerns that surrounded the project since the accident.

Skybus Metro – Wikipedia

Rajaram with the Konkan Railway. This page was last edited on 9 Augustat Operational Trams technolohy Kolkata. Power is delivered to the vehicles using brushes or by current carrying wheels. Not to be confused with other uses of the name ” Skybus “.

Are you interested in this topic. Skybus Tech Movie Full.

A smart card opens the station door. The Skybus Metro was a prototype suspended railway system by Indian tecnology B. In addition to moving people, the Sky Bus system can carry standard 20 ft.

Braking – Since the bogie is mounted, 3 levels of braking namely – Regenerative, disc brakes and finally, Emergency mechanical brakes are provide to ensure the safety of commuters. Each pair of coaches carries passengers.


Each bogie is driven by 3-phase alternating current AC motor. Standard two axle bogies can be used in metros for speeds of kmph but can have higher speeds if required, upto kmph of standard gauge. The sky bus uses pre – fabricated latest construction technologies, which save time and money resulting in easy execution of the project in busy urban areas without disturbing sykbus existing traffic pattern.

These rails are supported over 1m diameter columns 10m tall, spaced at m intervals on pile foundation. From up line to down line the station provides natural access, which is easy.

The 3 phase asynchronous AC electrical motor used for the propulsion of sky buses is also well proven and widely used abroad as well as in India.

Skybus Metro

The Times of India. Each coach is 9. The most precious asset in growing urban areas is land.

At the cost of Skyus. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Skybus Metro. But the capacity is limited in terms of passengers per hour that can be handled, considering speed limits technplogy lane width limitations. The station fits in a 50m long spot. The traverser acts like a station. Linear Induction motor technology is incorporated with 4 th rail driving, which is above the bogie and 3 phase AC motors with regenerative power capability are used.

Skybus Technology Published on Feb 24, All these structural engineering methods are well – proven. Sky Bus Metro resumes after 3 months”. On 25 September, one employee was killed and three injured in an accident when the coaches hit the concrete track pillars, ending the trial.