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I know how one novice received the Holy Spirit after only a half-year in a monastery; others received the Holy Spirit after ten years; and yet others live for forty and more years before they experience grace.

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Many pray aloud and like to pray from books, and this sahadov good, and the Lord accepts their prayers and has sofroie on them. The priest, servant at the altar of Christ, is a great figure. Thus we became His children, of His Flesh and Blood; and we are like the Lord in flesh as children are like their fathers, no matter their age. And whoever loves God more on earth shall be in greater glory in the Kingdom. Only to the humble does the Lord show himself through the Holy Spirit, and if we are not humble, then we cannot see God.

The Lord gives the repentant His peace and the freedom to love Him. It is a great goodness to submit to the will of God. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. And all the heavens, all the saints await our repentance.


Then your soul is filled with the Lord only, and it has no other thought, it prays to God with a special purity, and feels the love of God, even though the body may suffer. Learn more at Author Central. Tens of thousands of beautiful temples, magnificent creations of human genius. And when I lived in the world and did not know the Lord and His Holy Spirit, I did not know how much the Lord loved us; I only depended on my own abilities.

Whoever carries in him even a small amount of grace will submit to leadership with great joy. Whoever lives according to the will of Saharlv does not concern himself with anything. He may sleep with a girl and feel no desire for her. Whoever insults him insults the Holy Spirit abiding in him. We fall into vainglory when we think we are smarter and more experienced than others, even our confessor.

Judging by what is written in the Scriptures and by the character of the people surrounding us, we are living in the final sofrlnie.

Glory to the Lord, that He gave us repentance, with which we can all — without exception — achieve salvation. And whoever has not experienced the Holy Spirit cannot know this glory, but can only believe in the promise sofronif the Lord and keep His commandments.


There is a great difference between the simplest person who has felt the Lord through the Holy Spirit and the person, though he may be prominent, who has not felt the grace of the Holy Spirit. The Lord condensed all the law and prophets into two brief commandments Matthew The fourth, absolute, love for God is to have grace in your body as well as your soul.


Blessed is he who does not lose the grace of God, but rises from strength to strength. If someone prays much and fasts, sofronle does not love his enemies, then he cannot achieve peace in his soul. They, as the friends of Christ, can entreat the Lord, so that the living will be given humility and the grace of the Holy Spirit, and the dead — forgiveness for their sins, and the Church — peace and freedom.

As wise and learned and fine-looking as a person may be, if he does not love his enemies, i. The love of the Lord is such that He slfronie that all people should be saved and be with Him in Heaven for eternity, to witness His glory. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. It is a great sign of grace to learn Christian humility: The holy Apostles, Prophets, and Saints love you.

Obedience is necessary not only for monks, but for all people. They stand above all; like eagles, they soar high and from there they see boundless space, and with the wisdom of theology sofronir lead the herd of Christ.

Both these thoughts are from the enemy, and there is no truth in them. Everyone should think this over. In the Holy Spirit they have the authority to release sin or not.

They pray to God on our behalf, so that we might be saved. The heavenly is experienced through the Holy Spirit, and the earthly through the mind: This is why obedience is greater than fasting and prayer.


The enemy gives the soul a sweetness mixed with vanity, and this is how to recognize vainglory. The Lord has taught me to hold my mind in hell, and not to despair. Home Patron and Holy Relics St. They enlighten us with the word of God, so that we might experience the Lord.