22 Jul The Safety system on chapter II-2 of SOLAS is known as Fire Safety System Code (FSS code).It includes ISC,fire fighting system,fire suit,fire. 23 Sep “Equipment” includes appliances. “FSS Code” means the International Code for Fire Safety Systems, published by the IMO. “FTP Code” means. The amendments to SOLAS and the Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code adopted by IMO Resolutions MSC(91) and MSC(91) will enter into force on 1.

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At each location there shall be clear instructions relating fffa the operation of the system having regard to the safety of personnel. Detectors shall be periodically tested using equipment suitable for the types of fires to which the detector is designed to sollas.

Where the nitrogen receiver or a buffer tank is installed vode an enclosed space, the access shall be arranged only from the open deck and the access door shall open outwards. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This valve shall be automatically controlled to close, as required in paragraph 2. The alarm shall operate for the length of time needed to evacuate the space, but in no case less than 20 s before the medium is released.

The number of ducts may be different, but the minimum design filling rate determined during approval testing shall be provided by the system. Such systems shall, as far as practibable, comply with the requirements of this chapter.


New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits – SAFETY4SEA

Chapter 04 Fire Wolas 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for fire extinguishers as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. USCG launches competition to enhance boaters safety. The means for effective distribution of the foam shall be proven acceptable to the Administration through calculation or by testing.

Entering an era of change and opportunity. Foam generators using outside air typically consist of nozzles enclosed within a casing that spray onto a screen. Foam generators using inside air typically consist of a nozzle or set of nozzles and a casing. Calculations shall be made seperately for the two cases of occupancy of the spaces core below.

Alternatively, a discharge pipe from the safety valves may be fitted and led directly to the open air. The audible alarms shall be located so as to be audible throughout the protected space with all machinery operating, and the alarms should be distinguished from other ff alarms by adjustment of sound pressure or sound patterns.

Ships constructed before 1 July, shall comply with the requirements of this paragraph not later than the first safety equipment survey after 1 July, For this purpose, nominal area shall be taken as the gross horizontal projection of the area to be covered.

The supply shall be provided by separate feeders reserved solely for that purpose.

SOLAS Requirements for Fireman’s Outfit – Pros Marine

Is the shipping industry able to move away from the traditional operational model? Poll Is the shipping industry able to move away from the traditional operational model? Suitable for fire fighting, rescue work, inspection and maintenance of equipment and other related activities, especially on board a ship. In addition to the provisions in paragraph 2. The width of these stairways and doors need not exceed 1, mm unless larger dimensions are required for evacuation of these spaces under normal conditions.


It shall also be capable of automatically regulating the flow of inert gas to the cargo tanks unless means are provided to automatically control the inert gas flow rate. The emergency power supply shall be provided from outside the protected space.

Chapter 16 Fixed hydrocarbon gas detection systems 1 Application 1. In this case, consideration shall be given to the fire protection requirements and sizing of corridors and doors from the stairway enclosure to the assembly station and from the assembly station to the embarkation deck, noting that evacuation of persons from assembly stations to embarkation positions will be carried out in small control groups.

If questions are raised regarding the content, the original version of the regulatory framework as published through the official channels prevails. Adjacent spaces with independent ventilation systems not separated by at least A-0 class divisions should be considered as the same space.

New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits

On ships constructed on or after 1 Julydetectors installed within cold spaces such as refrigerated compartments shall be tested using procedures sooas due regard for such locations 2. In ships constructed on or after 1 Julywith a cargo control room, an additional indicating unit shall be located in the cargo control room.

Adequate positive-pressure-type mechanical ventilation shall be provided for such a compartment. System flow calculations shall be performed using a calculation technique acceptable to the Administration. In addition, all distribution piping shall be flushed with freshwater and blown ccode with air to ensure that the piping is free of obstructions.

Detectors located below moveable ro-ro decks shall be in accordance with the above. In order to avoid delay in identifying the source of fire, the number of enclosed spaces included in each section shall be limited as determined by the Administration.