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3 Dec This publication supersedes TB 43‐, dated 01 December 30 April TB 43‐ FOREWORD The Army Oil Analysis Program. TB ()AOAP:USER’S GUIDE-NONAERONAUTICAL EQUIPMENT [ US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. APPENDIX A. AERONAUTICAL EQUIPMENT-continued – TB TB Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) Guide for Leadership and Users.

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Link to DD Form http: The laboratory uses this priority sequence for analyzing samples: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? AOAP laboratory technicians initiate this form when they detect a potentially serious component problem see Figure What is laboratory response time?

Sample turn-around time is the interval of time that begins date the sample is taken and includes sample delivery, analysis, evaluation of analytical results, and ends when sample analysis is posted in the LIW AOAP master database. An oil sample can 430-211 hours of component maintenance downtime through early detection of such problems as faulty air induction systems, leaking cooling systems, loose crossover fuel lines, and abnormal wear rates of oil wetted parts.

Army laboratories have the capability to test equipment from all military departments. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Home station will enter date aircraft departs on transient mission. These metal particles enter the oil stream and are uniformly dispersed and suspended throughout the lubricating oil system. Attach two AOAP 433-0211 to different conspicuous parts of the component.

Hflr – Hedge funds structuring Documents. The AOAP provides the diagnostic capabilities of analyses of component lubricants and fluids to detect deteriorating physical properties of the lubricants and fluids and to determine possible 43-011 wear through particle analysis. Remove them only when gb are going to take a sample. Samples should be taken as near the prescribed interval as possible, however should mission requirements hinder taking samples at the precise interval; tg 4 and 5 variation guidelines shall be used.


Higher Echelon Maintenance Officer.

TB 43-0211

Check the block that is applicable. That is, a sample with the oil analysis request is already filled out. Establishment or refinement of normal and abnormal wear-metal trending patterns is an ongoing process as the fleet matures and is completely dependent on the correlation of test data with actual part conditions found in the inspection of the engine, transmission, or other component at disassembly.

Oil Analysis Drain Method The new bottle will eliminate the units need to have two types of bottles on hand. Units should provide their supporting lab with a listing containing the end items and component serial numbers to be transferred. Unit samplers who take oil samples from equipment must be adequately trained in AOAP safety procedures and made aware of the dangers involved. Their role is critical to a successful program.

Viscosity decreases are usually attributed to fuel dilution or contamination by coolant. Fill in your equipment bumper number, component type, i. Ensure that adequate oil sampling kits and related supplies are available in the unit.

You should always sample as near the prescribed interval as possible. Equipment under warranty will still comply with all requirements of the warranty. Should equipment be sampled if it is not used? Analyses identify the wear-metal elements yb in the determination of the rate of part wear and source of wear. Laboratory requested sample shall 43-211 submitted upon request.

Be careful not to let the tube touch bottom. The tube is used through the oil filler neck or dipstick hole see Figure 5. Redstone Arsenal, AL If the component is placed in a container, labels should also be affixed to two opposite sides of the container for easy identification.


Using a marker, place a mark on tubing where dipstick ends. An AOAP process where the oil in enrolled components will not be 4-0211 in accordance with the equipment Lubrication Order. To avoid contaminating your sample, be careful not to touch the sides of the oil reservoir.

If the component is not installed in an end item, enter “uninstalled”. Maintenance managers should make every effort to investigate the potential problems noted in the AOAP test findings and review those findings with the unit commander.


Immediately following any flight that results in a maintenance event recorded in the flight log, such as an in-flight failure, an over boost, or over speed. Place the Oil Analysis Request forms in a plastic bag and lay it on top of the bottles or wrap each individual Oil Analysis Request Form around the plastic th containing the sample. AOAP is an effective maintenance and lubricant diagnostic tool and not a maintenance substitute.

Sampling tubes are polyethylene tubes sealed on both ends to prevent contamination. However, if the laboratory recommends an oil change, the recommendation should be followed. Depot facilities shall record the tn of teardown investigation, findings, and repairs accomplished on the accompanying DA Form Fb block An instrument and testing process which determines the size, shape, and type of large wear metal particles being hb by a piece of equipment, to include the method of wear e.

Ensure percent tv of equipment under their command. Cold weather may cause the oil in your equipment to be too thick for 43-011 oil sampling pump to draw oil into the sample bottle or for the oil to flow freely through the sampling valve into the sample bottle.


When resource constraints can be expected, main Once the new sampling bottle becomes available, a message will be fielded to all units alerting them that a new bottle is available and procurement information needed to order the new bottles.

Special samples will satisfy requirement for routine sampling and will begin a new oil sampling interval schedule for the component. Record what evaluation actions were taken, what problems were discovered, and what maintenance actions were taken to return the equipment to service. The sample also allows a laboratory to th the quality of the lubricant or hydraulic fluid, and that translates to savings through laboratory-recommended oil changes on-condition. When it is time to take your oil sample and you are using DD Form simply pull out your old DD Form copy the end item information and updated hours since overhaul and oil change onto the new form.