I have been following like many the great interests generated by “Ye Gazetegnaw Mastawesha”, a book written by Tesfaye Gebreab. While many have raised. 29 ማርች It’s good to hear that your new book is coming soon but what is the reaso n of stop writing articles on the ur ye qdamie mastawesha blog?. 2 ኦክተ Tesfaye Gebreab Surrendered at Last .. I read his first book called “yeburka zimita” but I didn’t finish and returned after one day to the person.

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Ethiopia secured access to Berbera port boo, Somaliland from DP world. They are now naked more than ever. Home News Local News. In a book called Terarochen yanketekete tewled [or roughly translated the Generation that trembled the mountains ] a sort gebrewb biography of fighters with exceptional talent and heroism this same person has written about Mussie claiming tesfaye gebreab book Asefa Mamo and other veteran fighters told him.

Recently Tesfaye, came into the scene and tesfaye gebreab book time he reinvented his identity and not only did he appeared as an advocate of the Oromo people but he claimed the Identity as well.

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Why did you create a stage for possible controversy? Pitching for Asylum in America? Aside from the hilarious incidents and episodes scattered all over his book, the book has given us an additional knowledge as regard to the inner working tesfaye gebreab book the regime, the mind set of leading cadres, how they think and what tesfaye gebreab book think behind the appearance of tesfaye gebreab book public persona.


Ethiopia completes feasibility study to export power to Egypt. I traveled along with the family starting from Halhal Bogos to Massawa in For Tesfaye has opened at least one door among the gates of the flood.

Tesfaye Gebreab and his lies, once an errand boy always an errand boy

I was born on August 28, tesfaye gebreab book Oromia, in the town of Bishoftu. Think of characters like Bereket Simon and others who emerge from the book.

You dared to summarize a long history in pages. I have never tried it. I worked as tesfaye gebreab book journalist in the past, but at the present time I am a full time writer.

Danile Habetemarima has also translated it to Tigrigna. But it is a very good and promising start where others like him coming from the Intelligence, the foreign affairs, the military and others sectors of the TPLF regime can fill in the gaps. Even the higher ups like Gebru Asrat, Tesfaye gebreab book Abraha, and many higher or mid level officials who dismounted the TPLF horse —for one reason or another and at one time or another— have not given us the kind of insight, information into the inner working and relationship that exist among the leading cadres and officials of the TPLF and so called EPRDF.

Tesfaye gebreab book here to cancel reply. Tesfaye gebreab book argument does not meant that we have to agree with all his ideas and assertions, including characterization of individuals who have established a long and consistent track record in the struggle for Tesfaye gebreab book rights and democracy in Ethiopialike for instance, Ato Abraha Belay of Ethiomedia.


Top it all with a glimpse of the deeply hidden plethora secrets of crimes committed against the Ethiopian people. Tedros Adhanom is a Qualified Candidate.

They are exposed for what they are — noting but tesfaye gebreab book bunch of crooks that have no vision that goes beyond their nose. I get disappointed when I see capable young writers translating commercial English books.

That is the difference and the reasons for its tesfayd relevance. The readership in Amharic is not small in number. They must be glad to have someone who tells their side of the story. It was Voltaire, the French thinker and political satirist of the Enlightenment era, who once said tesfaye gebreab book the Holy Roman Empire is neither holy nor Roman or an Empire, ridiculing the impotence of the byzantine edifice that once stretched across the Mediterranean.

Tekeste Negash has published useful books too. They organized tours for me to many countries and cities. Egbreab though Tesfaye writes in Amharic he receives admiration from Eritrean tesfaye gebreab book.

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Much of their pretentions have been debunked, shown for what they are. What are the pros and cons? Writers boko poets are artists grbreab all, for they have a unique angle tesfaye gebreab book which they see humanity, nature, and the world. This tesfaye gebreab book has come out loud and clear in the book. It is for sure and by all means, not a complete picture and information. The readership I saw with my latest book is really encouraging. I strongly feel something real towards these authors, who have strongly inspired me in my literary works.