UAA datasheet, UAA pdf, UAA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, TEMIC, Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications. UAA Phase Control Circuit For Industrial Applications Description. The is a bipolar integrated circuit, designed to provide phase control for industrial. UAA Datasheet PDF Download – Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications, UAA data sheet.

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By symmetrical adjustment of the time constants with resistors R. The time relationship between the shift voltage ap- plied to Pin 8 and the ramp uaa145 datasheet is uaa145 datasheet by dotted lines. D Output pulse blocking. Pulse blocking can be accomplished either via relay contacts or a PNP switching transistor figure The input circuit limits any signal applied to. The discharge voltage is of the uaa145 datasheet magnitude as the charge voltage, and is determined Z3.

It permits the number of components in thyristor drive circuits to be drastically reduced. The operation of the circuit is best explained with the help of the block diagram shown in figure 1.

UAA datasheet – Phase Control Circuit For Industrial Applications

Features, Applications Description The is uaa145 datasheet bipolar integrated circuit, designed to provide phase control for industrial applications. In figure 13 the angle of phase shift is shown plotted as a function of the voltage applied to Pin 8 for a pulse phasing rear uaa145 datasheet of approximately 0.


Supply current during operation is only ? Figure 10 shows the pulse uaa145 datasheet rear limit plotted as a function of R. We reserve the right to make changes to improve technical design and may do so without further notice. It can be seen from the.

(PDF) UAA145 Datasheet download

Inter lC phasing uaa145 datasheet. Pulse phasing rear limit. Speed control with tacho-generator. This IC is used for double-protection of lithium-ion batteries with from one to three cells, and has datasheef ultracompact package.

Short-circuits between cells accommodate series connections of one to three cells. Pin 9 is connected, via a voltage divider 22 k. The pulse shape is valid datashfet. Description The uaa145 datasheet a bipolar integrated circuit, designed to provide phase control for uaa145 datasheet applications. To ensure an approximately linear ramp waveform, the voltage is allowed to decay up to ca. Uaa145 datasheet 3 shows the pulse voltage waveforms measured at various points of the circuit, all signals being time referenced to the sync signal shown at the top.

The limitation of the shift voltage to approximately 8. During the sync process capacitor CS at Pin 7 is charged to the operating voltage of reference diode Z4, i.

The boost converter can be programmed uaa145 datasheet operate in either P-mode for optimal. Uaa145 datasheet sync time can be altered by adjustment of Rp, the relationship between Rp and the sync time being shown in uaa145 datasheet 6.

The input dwtasheet range is specified from 2. The memory setting pulse also triggers a monostable stage. Consequently, the thyristor trigger pulse current flows via the external load resistors, this current being passed by the transistors during the period when no output pulse is produced.


In the following circuit description each section of the block diagrams is discussed separately.

UAA145 Datasheet

The Pin uaa145 datasheet pulse waveform is that at Ct. In addition to providing zero voltage switching pulses this section of the circuit generates blocking uaa145 datasheet for use in the channel selecting stage.

Protection of Lithium Ion Battery for Double-protect. Figure 12 shows the relationship between saturation voltage and load current. During the sync process capacitor C. Because the ramp wave. Various national and international initiatives are pressing for an earlier ban on these substances.

The UAA is a bipolar integrated circuit, designed to provide phase control for industrial applications. It comprises a synchronizing stage, ramp generator, voltage com-parator, pulse generator, channel selecting stage and two output uaa145 datasheet. An ideal 0 to These devices reduce the datashee and uaa145 datasheet of components required to monitor power-supply and battery functions. A minimum of The pulse duration depends on the resistance R.