bcdxt manual pdf probably later version is at pub/Uni age_pdf BCDXT < UnidenMan4 < TWiki. This guide is a full featured, 26 page spiral-bound instructional Mini-manual, covering all aspects of this very capable scanner. Mini-manual size is x8 inches. DImage_/Manual/ (1 of .. This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCDXT BCT15X BCDXT BCXT.

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Note that for firmware version 1. That way the talkgroup options will allow you to select if it is a digital or analog.

BCDxt User Manual – The Forums

Uniden has put out this fabulous scanner that will do a multitude of scanning achievement and you are here to find out how.

Program your uniden bcd996xt manual radio wherever you are at. Enter a range from.

Each alert contains information about the type and severity of the alert, as well as the specific geographic locations effected by the alert.

The scanner moves to the next site after the hold time expires, any current transmission ends, and the channel delay time expires.

Choose the Alert Tone and Alert Light you want the scanner to use. The scanner starts searching the most recently-used Tone-Out channel and any other Tone-Out Channels that have the same uniden bcd996xt manual.

For Explicit mode systems, leave all entries blank. The scanner can only look for priority IDs in the trunked system it is currently scanning. To cancel uniden bcd996xt manual CC hit turn the scroll control. Indexed and organized for quick access to what you need by mode of operation. Set Lockout determines whether a channel will be scanned or not. Priority ID Scan is always on for a system if enabled in the system setting. To toggle uniden bcd996xt manual attenuation Hold on any channel and press then press and hold 7 ATT.


Uniden BCD996XT Mini-Manual

Then the scanner starts all over. See also Using Number Tags.

Trunking Display Mode 3 Hold Mode. See Programming Trunking Systems.

Uniden BCD996XT Owner’s Manual

You can also toggle attenuation for bbcd996xt scan by pressing then 7 Att. Enter text from picture: Repeater Reverse manuwl allows the scanner to try to switch to the repeater if an input frequency is found. You build the systems and groups then use as much uniren as you need in the pool to store frequencies, talk group ID’s, and alpha tags. Press to return to previous menu.

However, if you want to Scan the system, you’ll need to program the required elements in following order click here for information on using the menu Part 15 Information This scanner has been tested and found to mamual with the limits for a scanning receiver, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Oruse MENU to drill down to the channel options and lock it out there. If the ‘Close Call Hits’ system has no frequencies, the scanner does not scan the system. To hold on a channel press Hold.

The scanner will save the frequency in a created group uniden bcd996xt manual ‘ Qck Save Uniden bcd996xt manual ‘ in a created system called ‘ Qck Save Cnv Sys ‘ with no quick keys assigned and uniden bcd996xt manual will be at the ‘ Edit Channel ‘ menu to complete the settings for the new channel.

Uniden BCDXT Owner’s Manual – Free PDF Download

Custom 1 SRCH 2: Continue at uniden bcd996xt manual Set Number Tag ‘ below. In all major metropolitan areas of the United States, every available radio channel is assigned to more than one user. For more info visit the Wiki alerts page.


Uniden Thread Archives – A depository of archived threads from the original Uniden forum. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The scanner automatically unlocks the locked out location when it moves 4 miles or more uniden bcd996xt manual the alert point.

Control Channel Only Scanning – allows you to enter uniden bcd996xt manual the control channels to trunktrack a Motorola system and the scanner will find the voice channels.

The attenuator unidrn turned on for the current channel. Use the antenna centric approach at the site level: Set Lockout determines whether a site will uniden bcd996xt manual scanned or not even if the quick key for the site is turned on.

The scanner starts from the lowest frequency of the frequency range and searches to the highest frequency of the frequency range.