Shadow Souls has ratings and reviews. Mell said: Hated Nightfall. ( Seriously- have read fan fiction that was better.) But I’m curious to see. New York Times bestselling series. The Return: Shadow Souls is the sixth book in L.J. Smith’s New York Times bestselling Vampire Diaries series. Elena Gilbert . Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up–This second installment in a “Vampire Diaries” subseries picks up exactly where Nightfall (HarperTeen.

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Before that it was still a little weird and I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t all rsturn bad, I was interested. Unless you read it as a joke, than you’ll have one hell of a time.

The gowns Lady Ulma has designed for the girls have been blessed by a priestess to protect the girls from vampires—not including Damon. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. I simply hated Nightfall! The end of this book is a hoot.

The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls

The Divide by L. You’d think that after coming back from the afterlife she would have grown up just a little bit, vampire diaries the return shadow souls no. They are confronted by Blouddewedd, who informs them that they are in her private library, and refuses to answer their questions. Sage has pillowcases full of star balls in the carriage, which he looted from the run down building.

Elena throws herself between the vampire and the woman, using her body as a shield. Meggar says that the injection, Black Magic wine, and willpower should be enough to keep Stefan alive until they can get the fox key and rescue him. I do feel a bit bored during middle of the story until the climax in the end and the pace whadow the story picks up again.


vampire diaries the return shadow souls

Elena and Damon exchange blood many times throughout this book and grow closer and sharing a few passionate kisses. The sheriff isn’t with them.

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The Return, 2 3. Elena’s attention is vampire diaries the return shadow souls by an angry vampire viciously beating a pregnant woman on a side street. Bonnie and Meredith are also for the most part relegated to the background, contributing nothing really significant in the form of dialogue or action to the plot.

Published 1 year vampire diaries the return shadow souls. Damon promises Elena won’t feel a thing during her punishment. Elena finally finds one half of the fox key inside a fountain pen. Views Read Edit View history. My favorite so far! I mean seriously, isn’t this a little too New Moon already? Retrieved April 27, I bought the original series–the trilogy–when they were first published.

The Return: Shadow Souls | The Vampire Diaries Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

From this book, I have learnt that a good book, is cunning but has sublte clues towards the twis If you have read the previous Vampire Diaries and have for some unknown reason not completly been vamppire by the charming rogue that is Damon Salvatore, then by the end of Shadow Souls, i grantee you will be.

I quite like the way the author describes Damon’s inner conscious as a little boy after Elena exchanges vampire diaries the return shadow souls with him, how he buried his deepest feelings. I completely loved this book! Smith The Vampire Diaries.

Shadow Souls (The Vampire Diaries: The Return, #2) by L.J. Smith

Apparently someone is telling you that people like “Fluffy Damon” but I am going to be completely honest: He believes she is a kitsune illusion, but soon realizes it’s really Elena.


Elena Gilbert’s love, the vampire Stefan Salvatore, has been captured and imprisoned by demonic spirits who are wreaking havoc in Fell’s Church.

Awards and nominations Novel series L. The first three novels in the original series Vampire diaries the return shadow souls Awakening, The Struggleand The Fury all feature Stefan and Elena as the narrators of the series, while the last book in the original series, Dark Reunionis from Bonnie McCullough’s viewpoint. The characters became even worse.

Otherwise, I would have been able to deal with the slow pace of the book better. Matt thinks the meetings are in the Old Wood, which is a very dangerous place.