ABSTRACT. The purpose of the present research work was to formulate and evaluate vanishing herbal cream. Herbal creams offer several advantages over. It is also known as foundation cream which are apply to skin to provide a smooth Aim: To prepare and submit 20gm of vanishing cream. Formulation table. 5 Apr the herbal vanishing creams of 4 formulations were formulated named The cream was oil in water type of formulation, stearic acid acts as an.

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Stearic acid is melted in waterbath at 70 0 C.

Log in with Facebook. Consequently, sales of vanishing creams began to fall in the late s. More particularly to a thermostable pharmaceutical base formed from the mixture of palm oil from the fibrous mesocarp and lauric oil fromthe palm kernel.

Perfume is dissolved in carbitol which is added to the cream and mixed thoroughly Report: Evaluation for safety assessment of formulated xream cream containing aqueous Stevia extract for topical application Indian Journal of Novel Drug Delivery: Potassium hydroxide vanisying Propyl Paraben 0. Hope in a formulstion The alkali reacts with some of the stearic acid — the best was triple pressed t. Evaluation of sedative and anticonvulsant activities of Unmadnashak Ghrita.

In present work, a new vanishing cream using a natural base from palm oil and palm kernel oil and standard vanishing cream using stearic acid were prepared. Now, once the transfer was completed it was allowed to come at room temperature all the while being stirred. Triethanolamine, Citric acid and rose oil were supplied by Kofa Chemical Ltd. Stearic acid, Potassium carbonate, borax, carbitol, Perfume and water.


Formulation and Evaluation of Natural Palm Oil Based Vanishing Cream

Using hydroxides as the alkali avoided this problem and potassium hydroxide became a favoured ingredient in many vanishing cream formulations. Sunburn causes damage to No doubt there were circles in which make-up was freely used but it certainly was not in ours, and the flasks and jars contained eau-de-cologne rather than scent, and cold cream as a general lubricant.

The vanishing cream of crude drugs with the best properties and vaniwhing nutritional value was to be prepared by simple methods and less equipments are required.

The oil phase A was mixed together by melting in a china dish on constant stirring. Some of the carbon dioxide quickly escaped but small bubbles remained giving the cream a foamy consistency. These are mild astringent in nature.

Formulation and Evaluation of Vanishing Herbal Cream of Crude Drugs | Insight Medical Publishing

Unfortunately, over time the carbon dioxide bubbles rose to the top of the mixture causing the cream to sink. Herbal creams do not have any of these side effects, vanishijg side effects it gives the fairness look to skin. Preparation of sunburn Pharmaceutics These preparation are used for the relief of irritation and other problems resulting from formulagion. Preparation of tooth powder Pharmaceutics These are the powder which is applied an teeth to provide cleanliness and freshress.

Formulation and Evaluation of Vanishing Herbal Cream of Crude Drugs

A range of sodium stearate crystals deNavarre, Accurately weighed 5 g of the sample was dispersed in 45 ml. Only a careful reading of the label will tell.


Preparation and evaluation of solid cream shampoo Pharmaceutics Modern shampoos are prepared to provide sufficient cleansing action with adequate foam to remove solid particles from hair and A base inwhich formulatoin pharmaceutical active ingredient is incorporated should be stable, non- irritating to the body, chemically and physiologically inert, compatible with a variety of drugs, stable during formulwtion, without pharmacological activity or interfere with the release of drug substance and be able to provide products of esthetical value and easy to process during manufacturing.

Cold creams and vanishing creams therefore became vanishong seen as simple and old fashioned. Spreadability is a term expressed to denote the extent of area to which the topical application spreads on application to skin on the affected parts. Results revealed no adverse skin reactions, erythema or sensation with the formulations even after 72 hours of applications.

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Cosmetics and Skin: Vanishing Creams

vanishiny The cream also acts as a fairness expert in day to day life by removing aging signs. GuptaChaturbhuja Bhuyan Ayu The preparedvanishing cream with natural palm oil base was pleasant, easily washable with good spreadability and extrudability, thereby increase the patient compliance. Stability testing of new drug substances and products, ;